Standing Firm in the Truth We Know

Standing Firm in the Truth We Know - Grace Fox

You know the reality of Christ’s life-changing power because of what He’s done for you. Stand firm in that knowledge and recommend His name to others in need.

Two weeks ago, I somehow managed to lock my SI joint (sacro iliac) and wound up in excruciating pain in my lower back. My doctor ordered pain-killers and exercises, but neither helped. The pain from routine movements such as walking, getting in and out of my car, and standing from a sitting position nearly left me breathless.

Desperate for healing

One morning, out of desperation, I looked in the Yellow Pages and found a chiropractor whose schedule allowed me to receive treatment within a couple of hours.

I’ve visited that chiropractor’s office seven times since. Last Friday’s treatment was so intense I nearly cried.

“Now go home, put ice on your back, and walk, walk, walk,” said the doctor.

His orders worked. This morning I was able to sit in my favorite recliner while I read my Bible and journaled, and then I stood up with only minimum pain. I even took a 25-minute walk – something that was impossible to do a few days ago.

Others doubted

Some people raise their eyebrows and look skeptical when the word chiropractor is mentioned. Perhaps they’ve never had an appointment with one, or they’ve heard scary stories of being folded like a pretzel and then having their bones snapped. Their response is, “Go to a chiropractor? I don’t think so!”

No matter what others think or say, I believe this doctor has played a role in my healing. Frankly, I don’t understand his methods, but this I know – pain had nearly immobilized me, but now I’m walking again. Next time I hear someone speak of back or neck pain, I’ll recommend his name.

Desperate for sight

The other day I read the story about the man born blind. (John 9) Jesus had healed him completely – an act that raised the eyebrows of the man’s parents, neighbors, and local religious leaders. They questioned, they doubted, they scoffed. But the fact remained: the man born blind could now see.

Others doubted

I love the man’s simple response to the doubters: “I know this – I was blind, and now I see” (John 9:25). It’s likely he didn’t understand Jesus’ methods for restoring his sight, but he did know that, for the first time in his life, he could see puffy white clouds set against a brilliant blue sky. I’ll bet he recommended Jesus’ name to every blind beggar he saw from that day forward.

Don’t let the doubters discourage you

Has Christ changed your life? Has He impacted you in a personal and powerful way? It’s possible that others, including those closest to you, have expressed doubt and skepticism. If so, don’t get caught up in arguments, and don’t be discouraged by their attitudes or comments.

You know the reality of Christ’s life-changing power because of what He’s done for you. Stand firm in that knowledge, and be prepared to recommend His name to others in need.

Know you are loved,


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