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Our 2012 Trip Begins

It’s 4:30 AM. I’m wide awake—courtesy of jet lag—so I figure I may as well do something productive for a while. Maybe, in a half hour or so, sleep will take over again. I can only hope. In the meantime, I’ll record some highlights of our trip that began on Monday, July 2. First stop—London’s… [ read more ]

Do It Afraid

This is a post I wrote enroute to Europe on June 30th. It was originally used as a guest blog for another site. Thought I’d post it here for you today. Maybe someone out there needs this encouragement today! I’m writing this at 32,000 feet, somewhere between London and Budapest. My final destination is Resita,… [ read more ]

Unexpected Plans in Budapest

It’s Wednesday evening in Budapest. Our team drove here from Romania yesterday. Four volunteers flew out this morning and one remains because she plans to participate in an evangelistic family camp in Slovakia. What an incredible team God gave us. Each person contributed to the program either by teaching Bible lessons or crafts, playing games… [ read more ]

God Loves YOU!

The countdown is on. Within a few days, our British Airways jet will be wingin’ its way over the North Pole and landing in London enroute to Budapest. From there, we’ll travel by van into Romania. Only God knows what’s in store this summer as we once again have the privilege of loving and learning… [ read more ]

My Reason for Confidence

When people hear about our overseas ministry travels, they sometimes ask us, “Aren’t you afraid?” They refer to our traveling in countries where we don’t understand the language, we (as obvious foreigners) must be alert to the risk of pickpockets in trains and train stations, and driving on narrow tree-lined highways where passing slower vehicles… [ read more ]

Stay Tuned

Hi there! I’m in  Budapest again — just arrived an hour ago from Odessa, Ukraine. My oh my, for a few days I felt like I’d been transported back to India. The suburb in which we stayed was characterized by broken roads and barking stray dogs. But it had its pretty places, too — it… [ read more ]

Journal Entry for July 11

Our Romanian team has dwindled over the past day or so. Two flew out of Timisoara, one remained at River of Life to donate his maintenance skills for three weeks. Six of us traveled by van to Budapest where three boarded a British Airways jet bound for Vancouver. And the last three – Gene, Kim,… [ read more ]

July 1 in Budapest

We’re in Budapest! It’s 7:00 a.m. and I hear dogs barking, traffic, and a car siren that’s been blaring for at least 20 minutes already. Once in a while a train rumbles by and a plane takes off from the international airport a few minutes away. Had three hours of sleep last night – the… [ read more ]

Journal Entry for March 30 and 31

Today we began our 21-hour journey to our next and final destination. It will take three trains and one bus to get there, finally arriving on Tuesday around noon. Our third train was an overnighter. Remember the four-hour adventure Gene had buying tickets for this trip? Well, it continued in Budapest when we doublechecked with… [ read more ]

Journal Entry for Friday, March 27

Enroute to Kaposvar, Hungary, as I write this. We’re seated in a comfortable train with a berth to ourselves again. We’re rolling through the Hungarian countryside with fields on either side of the tracks. Hmmm…we just stopped.