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Far More Awesome

Awesome is a popular but somewhat under-rated word in today’s vocabulary. Here are a few examples… Q: “How’s your latte?” A: “Mmmm…awesome!” “Wow – I love the highlights in your hair. You look awesome!” “Your kids are so awesome.” “She’s an awesome teacher.” Sound familiar? I’ll bet we use the word more times than we… [ read more ]

"I Doubt It"

How do you feel when someone questions your integrity or competency? If you’re like me, the answer is lousy. How, then, must God feel when we doubt Him – the One who’s power exceeds our imagination and whose character is flawless? The Israelites found out the hard way. Psalm 78:19,20 say, “They (the Israelites) even… [ read more ]

God’s Reputation

According to Isaiah 63:14, God earned quite the reputation when He led His people through the desert wilderness for 40 years. He provided them with food and water, clothing and sandals that never wore out, and a place to sleep each night. Then He threw in a few extras like sending flames and clouds to… [ read more ]