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Poland–Here We Come!

We picked up our volunteers in Berlin and made our trip into Poland yesterday. One of the things I enjoy most about leading short-term mission trips is working alongside the people God sends us every summer. Each is gifted in a unique way, and each brings a needed strength to the program. This year, our… [ read more ]

God's Word Meets Reality

In 10 days, I’ll board a Boeing 747 and fly to Romania where my husband and I will lead a team of 11 North Americans to minister among young adults living with life-threatening illnesses. This is the fourth time we’ve done this, and we can hardly wait to see our Romanian friends again. When our… [ read more ]

Hi from Poland!

Hi from Poland! We’ve had a whirlwind week since leaving Vancouver on Monday night. Landed in Berlin on Tuesday evening, drove three hours to Gorzow, Poland that night, taught a class there on Wednesday evening, and then traveled by train for nine hours yesterday via Warsaw and Karpacz to reach Poronin. This area reminds me… [ read more ]

Highlights from Poland

Never would I have imagined that someday my husband and I would lead short-term missions teams to Eastern Europe each summer. But God had plans that took us by surprise, and wow, what a faith adventure we’re experienced for the past four years! We’ve returned home after 35 days on the road. Our travels took… [ read more ]

God–Our Fortress

When you read this, I’ll be involved in hosting an evangelistic family camp in Poland. We’re working with a team from North America, a Polish pastor and his wife, and several people from their church who are helping with the kids’ programs and as translators. We’re expecting good things! By that, I mean we’re anticipating… [ read more ]

Travel Adventures

It’s now 1 PM. We’ve been traveling for nearly 5 hours. Our journey began with a one hour bus ride. When that ended, we hailed a taxi. The driver, who spoke no English, communicated that he would charge us 17 Euros. A Polish friend had told us to expect a charge of 20 Euros, so… [ read more ]

Praising with Every Part of Me

“Let all that I am praise the Lord,” says Psalm 104:35. “That’s easier said than done,” says me. I recall several of the biggest challenges I’ve faced/am facing: Being separated from my newborn daughter when she was flown from Nepal to the US for surgery. International airlines refused to issue me a ticket, saying I… [ read more ]

What is God Like?

Kids ask great questions. The other day, my 2 ½-year-old granddaughter, Anna, looked at my arms and asked, “What are those spots, Grandma?” “Freckles,” I said. Her response made me laugh: “Hmmm. Maybe you should cut them out.” Anna asks a lot of questions, as do other children her age. That might grow wearisome at… [ read more ]

The Hike

On the sixth day of camp, everyone left the hotel for a day trip to one of three optional destinations. Ours involved hiking to a castle perched on a mountain. We’d done the same hike last year and told everyone, “It’s an easy walk – mostly flat until the last part immediately before entering the… [ read more ]

Family Camp Schedule

Our Polish family camp was held in the city of Karpacz. It reminds me of Banff, Alberta – an alpine tourist destination with fun things to see and do. It offers a perfect getaway for folks seeking a family vacation, and it provides a wonderful place to host our camp. The word camp often conveys… [ read more ]