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God Gives Second Chances

  I once interviewed a former police officer who told me how he’d tried to solve his financial difficulties by robbing banks. His actions led to prison time and divorce. He eventually hit rock bottom and committed his life to Christ. Now he’s helping at-risk teenagers realize the importance of making wise choices before they,… [ read more ]

What do Recycled Furniture and Faith Have in Common?

  Moving into a larger house last month has meant finding furnishings to help fill it. Buying new stuff costs more money than I have or care to spend so I’ve visited thrift stores and garage sales.   This weekend I found a solid oak TV stand—a custom-built corner unit with a swivel on the… [ read more ]

Second Chances

As a writer who interviews people from many different backgrounds, I find it fascinating to see how God grants second chances. One fellow – a former police officer – told me how he’d run into major financial problems and tried to solve them by robbing banks. He was caught, spent time in prison, and lost… [ read more ]