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How to Safeguard Your Spiritual Health Over the Summer

  Summer’s arrival often means throwing routine out the window. Do you find this is true for you? Maybe you have school-age kids who are now home all day. Or your teens have summer jobs and need a ride to work. Perhaps your home resembles a hotel through July and August as out-of-town guests come… [ read more ]

The Relationship Between Our Thought Life and Core Spiritual Strength

Saturday held a special treat for me. I was invited to speak at a women’s wellness conference at Campbell River Baptist Church. What fun to see nearly 100 familiar faces, girlfriends from years past. Lots of hugs! I’d been asked to address the topic of spiritual health, and so I shared some thoughts about the… [ read more ]

A Love Life Like No Other — part 3

No matter how busy our lives get, our obedience to God is of utmost importance. When He speaks, we must do what He says. The older I get, the more I realize how critical this is. This morning I read the story of Abraham’s obedience — getting up and moving from the familiar into the… [ read more ]