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What Does Obedience Look Like?

Watching kids and parents interact provides a fascinating study in human nature. For instance, how many times must a mom or dad tell a child to do something—pick up their toys, get dressed, or sit at the table for dinner, for instance?   In most cases, kids don’t obey the first command issued. They dawdle… [ read more ]

When God's Ways Boggle Human Logic

Have you ever wrestled with God’s ways not making sense? Honestly, sometimes I shake my head at how He boggles human logic. My last blog told the story of how God directed our family away from a lucrative position and lakefront home to a year-round Christian camp. My husband worked there as an intern for… [ read more ]

God’s ways are soooo not our natural ways. Just look at the contrast… God: be content                           Self: strive for more God: forgive                                  Self: get even God: wait                                        Self: get it now God: give up your  rights         Self: demand them God: surrender                             Self: resist The latter example popped off the page at me this morning as I read Jeremiah… [ read more ]