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What Does it Mean to Cling to God?

What does it mean to cling to God? Perhaps my experience in a church nursery gives a good visual. I was volunteering one Sunday when a young couple came to check in their toddler for the first time. The father signed the child into our program while the mother prepared to hand her to one… [ read more ]

How We Unwittingly Boss God

“Please, God—my daughter needs a job. Give her a job within her area of training, and do it this week. “   I sealed my request with a hearty “thank you in advance” and a holy amen. And then the thought occurred to me, What if God is doing something new in my daughter’s life… [ read more ]

A Surrendered Heart: A Key to Growing Deeper Faith

  At the beginning of each year, the Lord gives me a special word on which to focus. One year, for instance, He gave me the word joy. Throughout the next 12 months He taught me what joy meant using Scripture, songs, other peoples’ teachings, and life experiences. This year’s word is deeper.   I… [ read more ]

When God’s Ways Boggle Human Logic

Have you ever wrestled with God’s ways not making sense? Honestly, sometimes I shake my head at how He boggles human logic. My last blog told the story of how God directed our family away from a lucrative position and lakefront home to a year-round Christian camp. My husband worked there as an intern for… [ read more ]