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An Encouragement When Feeling Down

My best intentions to post on Monday fell apart due to running from one meeting to the next to the next literally all day. One of those meetings was with a friend named Pam Franklin. We met at a writers’ workshop in Saskatchewan several years ago and began emailing shortly afterwards. Last summer she and… [ read more ]

The Cure for Anxiety

I’ve got a ton of stuff on my mind today. I’m thinking about my visit next week with a childhood friend who’s now in hospice, preparing PowerPoint presentations for seven speaking sessions, planning for an upcoming 5-week missions trip to Poland and Romania, spreading word about my new Bible study, and writing a couple of… [ read more ]

What do People See When They Look at Us?

Here’s a thought for the day, based on Galatians 2:4 where Paul wrote about false Christians spying on him. These folks were entrenched in religious rules and regulations, but they’d heard Paul’s message about “freedom in Christ” and wanted to see what that looked like in real life.    When people – especially those entrenched… [ read more ]


Women are a fascinating study. Last week, while riding the city train in London, I sat opposite a lady covered in black. Even her hands were gloved. The only exposed part of her body were her eyes. I would have loved to have had the opportunity to ask her about her life – childhood, career,… [ read more ]