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What Is Your Response to Disappointment?

Hi, my friend! I’m currently taking a few days’ break with family, so I invited my friend Rebecca Barlow Jordan to share a post with you this week. She has some sweet insights about dealing with disappointments. I know we can all relate to that topic.   Rebecca is a prolific writer and minister’s wife,… [ read more ]

From Disappointment to Delight

To say COVID-19 has changed peoples’ plans would be the understatement of the century.   A friend’s daughter is getting married this weekend. The happy couple had planned to invite 200 guests. Now only the immediate family will gather in a back yard to celebrate the wedding. No doubt thousands of other couples are changing… [ read more ]

When Plans Change

  I’m preparing to leave for the Middle East on Sunday morning. Last week I thought I was doing great in regards to wiping my to-do list clean so I could focus on long-term writing projects in the days prior to departure. Then came a writing assignment with a due date immediately after our return…. [ read more ]

How to Respond When Christmas Doesn’t Meet Our Expectations

Sometimes Christmas doesn’t meet our expectations. We enter the season with high hopes but find them dashed: We spend hours preparing for long-distance houseguests, but a blizzard delays or prevents them from coming. Or we’re the ones scheduled to travel but find our plans changed due to weather. We anticipate a warm, fuzzy family get-together,… [ read more ]

Dealing with Detours, Delays, and Disappointments

Sometimes we look at our life and wonder what in the world went wrong. Here’s a helpful article by Cindi McMenamin that helps keep things in perspective. Photo courtesy: