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Partnering with God for Victory

Do we struggle with the same issues and wonder why we never gain victory over them? Perhaps we’re not doing something we ought.


Everyone has a story. When I speak at women’s retreats and conferences, I hear many. Some stories draw laughter. Others draw tears. Some leave me speechless, in awe of how God reveals Himself to those who seek Him. How He provides for those who ask. How He grants wisdom to those who lack. I spoke… [ read more ]

Are You Facing a Closed Door?

Have you ever faced a closed door? Perhaps you apply for a new position at work. You have all the right credentials and long for a new challenge, but the boss bypasses you and chooses someone else. The door to the new opportunity closes. Maybe you feel led to write a book. You attend writers… [ read more ]

The Best Way to Begin and End Each Day

Three decades ago, I realized the importance of dwelling on positive thoughts specifically when I wake and when I fall asleep. The lesson came after my fiancé broke our engagement. In the first days and weeks following the breakup, I’d fall asleep focused on my pain and feelings of rejection. I’d wake dreading the day,… [ read more ]

Be Still

My youngest daughter has befriended a woman in a nursing home, visiting her on a weekly basis for the past few months. Last week I had the privilege of meeting her. Unlike the other residents, this woman – a single mom of a 19-year-old son – is in her early 40s. Her body is gnarled… [ read more ]

"God, Help!"

My prayer was short and desperate, and I uttered it several times during the night. A vicious stomach flu had invaded our camp and attacked one person after another. Finally it struck Gene. Three hours later it hit me. The virus kept us awake nearly all night and flattened us with hourly bouts of vomiting… [ read more ]

Dealing with Disappointment

I’ve had two days to ponder some disappointing news: Moving From Fear to Freedom will be remaindered by the publisher in January. That means it will no longer be available in stores. What happened? Sales didn’t meet a certain standard, just like a gazillion other books pulled from publication after two years in public view…. [ read more ]