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Listening for Spiritual Clues

  While in the marina laundromat yesterday morning, I met a woman I’d never seen before. She lives several hours’ drive away, but she’d accompanied her husband to our marina because he had a job here today. In less than one minute of introductory conversation, I discovered that her knowledge about sailing skills far surpasses… [ read more ]

Overcoming Fear About Evangelism

  Have you ever noticed how we find it easy to tell others about  our favourite movies and books, restaurants we enjoy, and particular hairdressers who do a good job? We’re even quick to recommend doctors or naturopaths who heal us physically, but when it comes to recommending the One who promises spiritual healing, well,… [ read more ]

How Can We Shine As Lights in a Dark World?

Christmas has passed, and we packed away our decorations yesterday. Sadly, my living room seems bare without the tree and its wee colored lights. Every morning for the past month, I found simple pleasure in turning on those lights the moment I entered the room. I loved seeing how they lit up the darkness, and… [ read more ]

A Divine Appointment Enroute to Kathmandu

I believe it’s Henry Blackaby who says, “God is at work at all times and in all places.” I saw that prove true (again) yesterday while aboard our flight from Vancouver to Asia. I always prefer an aisle seat when flying, but this time I somehow earned the middle spot. Gene offered to swap his… [ read more ]