Conntecting the Dots

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Listening for Spiritual Clues

  While in the marina laundromat yesterday morning, I met a woman I’d never seen before. She lives several hours’ drive away, but she’d accompanied her husband to our marina because he had a job here today. In less than one minute of introductory conversation, I discovered that her knowledge about sailing skills far surpasses… [ read more ]

Showing Love in “Shallow” Ways

I’m back home after spending two weeks in Romania. Amazing weeks, they were, with a team of five other women ages 16 thru 74. Partnering with three projects gave us opportunity to be involved in a variety of ministries. Everyone served enthusiastically and loved each other well.   Each morning began with team devotions, and… [ read more ]

Another Divine Appointment

  Only two sleeps left until I board a plane for home. Meanwhile, here’s another story from my happenings over here: I had an interesting experience on my flight from Budapest to Berlin. The 25-year-old Hungarian man sitting beside me was reading a book with Arabic writing—like a language learning book. So I asked him… [ read more ]

A Divine Appointment on the Highway

I love, love, love when God arranges divine appointments. Many of mine happen while traveling. I’ve written about several in the past. Here’s another example. My hubby and I led a volunteer team to Romania last week. On Tuesday, after we’d completed a camp for youth with life-threatening illnesses, he and I left the team… [ read more ]

How Can We Shine As Lights in a Dark World?

Christmas has passed, and we packed away our decorations yesterday. Sadly, my living room seems bare without the tree and its wee colored lights. Every morning for the past month, I found simple pleasure in turning on those lights the moment I entered the room. I loved seeing how they lit up the darkness, and… [ read more ]

See the Opportunity

Traveling by plane as often as I do provides lots of opportunities to speak with fellow passengers. When I engage in a conversation, I’ll admit that my spiritual antennae are up, looking for ways to share God’s love. Often, the other person makes a comment that makes for a perfect lead-in. Last December, a lady… [ read more ]