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Rise Again!

To say these folks felt bone weary is an understatement. The Israelites were more than just overtired and exhausted. They were dead…’way dead, and the valley filled with old, dry bones proved it. Life was gone and with it, all hope. But everything changed when the Spirit of the Lord showed up. Ezekiel 37:10 says,… [ read more ]

Illogical Behavior

People are a fascinating species, really. Sometimes they do the most illogical things and then wonder why they run into trouble. The other day I heard about an unmarried couple who knelt by a bed and asked God to bless their relationship moments before they crawled into the sack together. Like, what’s with that? How… [ read more ]

Give Me a Tender Heart

It’s funny how kids’ personalities are so different even when raised in the same household. One child, for instance, can have a steel will. When reprimanded, he’ll stomp from the room and slam a door behind him for emphasis. He’ll drive his parents to their knees, leaving them begging God for wisdom and patience and… [ read more ]