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Finding Help and Strength When We’re Tired or Afraid

So how’s your summer been? Have you had a chance to throw off your usual schedule for a chance to rest and play? I hope so. Rest and play do a body and brain good.   For me, the past four weeks have given me a gift—the opportunity to experience God’s help in new ways. First,… [ read more ]

Another Divine Appointment

  Only two sleeps left until I board a plane for home. Meanwhile, here’s another story from my happenings over here: I had an interesting experience on my flight from Budapest to Berlin. The 25-year-old Hungarian man sitting beside me was reading a book with Arabic writing—like a language learning book. So I asked him… [ read more ]

A Divine Appointment on the Highway

I love, love, love when God arranges divine appointments. Many of mine happen while traveling. I’ve written about several in the past. Here’s another example. My hubby and I led a volunteer team to Romania last week. On Tuesday, after we’d completed a camp for youth with life-threatening illnesses, he and I left the team… [ read more ]

Need Life Change? Jesus Christ Can Make That Happen

  I returned last night from a two-week trip to Eastern Europe. What a wonderful opportunity to see God at work in so many places!   During my travels, I spent two days at a care home for abandoned/abused women with children. I also spent time at a ministry that serves children/youth struggling with life-threatening… [ read more ]

3 Truths About the Good Shepherd

While in the Romanian village of Cornesti, I’m staying at a ministry that serves abused and abandoned women and children, orphans, and senior widows. Beyond the security fence surrounding the property lie rolling green pastures. Grazing on those pastures are dozens of sheep. From a distance, the scene appears pastoral. The sheep bleat occasionally, and… [ read more ]

Hearing Little Voices

Do you ever hear little voices in your head? I’m serious. Do you? Or am I the only one who daily wrestles with voices that vie for my attention? They start the moment I wake up: “Get up and go to the gym. You’ll feel so good afterwards.” “The gym? It can wait. You need… [ read more ]

Thank You for Your Prayers–They Worked!

Our 2014 summer ministry in Eastern Europe has ended. During our time there, we traveled hundreds of miles by van and train through Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland. We hosted two camps—one for some very special kids in Romania and one for families in Poland—by partnering with career missionaries and two teams… [ read more ]

Cross-Cultural Friendships Built Through Being Real

Camp began today—approximately 80 men, women, and children are here now and ready for a great time. Two years have passed since I last attended this particular camp, so it was great fun to meet my Polish friends again.   “Mama Grace,” said Dorota as we hugged and gave each other the traditional two-cheek kiss…. [ read more ]

Love Speaks Every Language

On Friday my husband and I traveled by train through Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and finally into Poland. The weekend provided quiet time to catch up on emails and continue preparations for the next camp that begins later this week. It also gave me the opportunity to process what I’ve learned in the past two… [ read more ]