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What Matters Most in the Mess of Family Life?

Hi there!   Today’s post is a wee bit different than most of my devotional blogs. It’s more an article really, a collection of my thoughts about how to stay focused on what matters most amidst the crazy busyness and messiness of family life. The inspiration came from a plaque that’s on my dining room… [ read more ]

3 Keys to Overcoming Fear for Our Kids’ Well-Being

I routinely meet women who express fear for their family’s well-being. They don’t call it fear. They dub it something more spiritually acceptable such as “concern,” but it’s fear nonetheless. How do I know? Because I’ve been there, done that. And I continue to face it even though my kids are now adults.   Today,… [ read more ]

Advice for Mother Hens Like Me

  Sometimes I feel like a mother hen—I want everyone around me to feel happy and be safe, and so I do whatever I can to make that happen. Trouble is, I can’t be everywhere at once nor can I control others’ circumstances for their good. My only recourse, then, is to let go and… [ read more ]

Mother’s Day Musings

Before writing Moving From Fear to Freedom, I conducted a survey of approximately 350 women ages 19-80. According to results, a woman’s #1 fear is the fear for her child’s well-being. One woman said, “I’m not even a mother yet, and already I’m afraid for my child’s safety.” It’s not just concern for their physical… [ read more ]

When God Calls our Kids to Missions

This morning I woke to a power outage. No obvious reason for it – no windstorms, no snow, nothing but rain. Nonetheless, the house was dark. I tried reading my Bible by candlelight but that was nearly impossible. I switched to a flashlight, but the small print made reading an arduous task. I finally closed… [ read more ]

Take Nehemiah’s Advice

  Several days ago, a longtime American friend told me that her adult son had recently joined the military reserves. She shook her head and said, “I’m afraid of what might happen to him. Hopefully our world will become a more peaceful place because I really don’t want him to end up overseas.” I appreciated… [ read more ]