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Dependent Like a Baby

Our family has grown by two in the past month—a granddaughter and a grandson born only nineteen days apart. I haven’t been able to meet my granddaughter yet; I’m hoping that will happen in July. I have, however, been blessed to be living in the same household as my new grandbaby boy.   Josh is… [ read more ]

Rest — We All Need It

  It’s good to be home. After the past ten weeks of both domestic and international travel, teaching, and hosting our booth at four missions conferences, I’m basking in being back on the boat. It’s time to stop, rest, and recharge. It’s time to live a—“He lets me rest in green meadows; he leads me… [ read more ]

3 Truths About the Good Shepherd

While in the Romanian village of Cornesti, I’m staying at a ministry that serves abused and abandoned women and children, orphans, and senior widows. Beyond the security fence surrounding the property lie rolling green pastures. Grazing on those pastures are dozens of sheep. From a distance, the scene appears pastoral. The sheep bleat occasionally, and… [ read more ]

Quiet Waters

Last Thursday I finished teaching a seven-part DVD series to accompany the forthcoming study titled Moving From Fear to Freedom: A Woman-to-Woman Conversation Guide.  I hadn’t realized how much energy I’d put into this project until Saturday rolled around and I felt like I’d been hit by an 18-wheeler. My husband tucked me into bed for… [ read more ]

My Secret to Moving Beyond Fear

Fear is a four-letter word. Imagine the difference if the human race could strike it once-for-all from its vocabulary. Alas – that’s not gonna happen so long as we’re warm and breathing. There’s an enemy prowling about whose desire is to prevent us from being all and experiencing all that God has planned for us…. [ read more ]

Rest and Refreshment

My schedule is ramping up as I prepare for Missions Fest Vancouver, Break Forth in Edmonton, and departure for Eastern Europe — all happening within the next five days. And so, as I read Psalm 23 this morning, I latched onto verses 2-3. Written just for me, I believe! “He lets me rest in green… [ read more ]