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What Does Sorting Clothing Have to do With Our Spiritual Life?

Moving to a different house meant not only boxing my belongings—it also meant sorting them and either tossing or taking unneeded things to the thrift store. This was especially true about clothing.   As I packed, I asked myself, “Does this garment truly fit me anymore? Do I like the color? Does it suit me?… [ read more ]

What does Revival Look Like?

Yesterday I caught a glimpse of revival. It left me awestruck. It rendered me speechless. It filled with me with wonder and a craving for more of God. It happened at a women’s retreat. The theme was “Fearless and Free.” The sessions addressed several rampant fears: the fears of the storms of life, of inadequacy,… [ read more ]

What Does Holiness Look Like?

This morning I read a short article by Chuck Colson in which he trumpeted a call for the North American church to repent. He noted that many believers are wringing their hands at the state of current affairs. He says we’re blaming the liberals, the gays, and the pro-abortionists when, in reality, we ought to… [ read more ]

Peer Pressure

As a kid, did you ever succumb to peer pressure? I did. I remember hiding in the bushes, stealing puffs on cigarettes in eighth grade – trying hard to impress the most popular girl in my grade. I wanted to be like her, so I was willing to play the game of life by her… [ read more ]

Journal Entry for April 3-5

Friday morning marked the beginning of our annual staff conference. What a treat to see our International Messenger family gather from Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Slovakia! Couples, singles, families – more than 100 folks showed up to encourage and be encouraged. Each day we enjoyed two worship services. The music – led by… [ read more ]