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Another Divine Appointment

Thanks for your patience and understanding as I deviated from the regular devotional blogs for the past couple of weeks. Leading short term teams to two countries left me with precious little time to do anything else, writing included.   Only two sleeps left until I board a plane for home (on Monday). Meanwhile, here’s… [ read more ]

God Uses Ordinary People

Gene and I left home two weeks ago and have been traveling through Alberta ever since. The weather’s been cold—down to minus 33(Celsius)—but the hearts of those with whom we’ve met have been warm and inviting.   Our trip’s purpose has been to connect with churches, pastors, small groups, and individuals wanting to learn more… [ read more ]

Face to Face with Jesus

On Saturday, I attended Margaret Bayne’s memorial service at Camp Homewood. Hers was a 96-year life well lived. The tributes paid to her proved it. For me, a highlight was the singing of the old hymn “Face to Face.” Margaret was a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. She spoke about Him with every opportunity that… [ read more ]

When Money's not Enough

Last night I turned on the TV to catch the late night news. On the screen I saw photos of two men’s faces, side-by-side. The commentator said, “Charlie Sheen and Muammar Gaddifi–what do these men have in common?” The commentator then proceeded to answer her own question. She said both men tend to rant illogically. She… [ read more ]

More Than Fire Insurance

I’ve heard some people label salvation as “fire insurance.” They pray the sinner’s prayer, receive their spiritual ticket into heaven, and think that’s the end of the story. Nothing’s further from the truth. Placing one’s trust in Jesus for salvation is only the beginning. It’s simply saying yes to accepting God’s free gift of eternal… [ read more ]

Good News

I’m reading the book of Romans now. My spirit is refreshed as I read about God’s plan of salvation for all mankind. It’s so clear and simple. I’m simply going to write out several verses today and let God’s Word speak for itself. If you’re already a believer, then spend some time pondering what God… [ read more ]