3 Actions to Inspire Awe for God  

3 Actions to Inspire Awe for God - Grace Fox

We ought to wake every morning in awe that God has given us the gift of another day. We ought to go throughout our day in awe that He moves with us and in us.

What things inspire awe—wonder and amazement—in you?

Here are a few things that evoke awe in me:

  • sunrises and sunsets especially over the prairies, mountains, and sea
  • a child’s beauty, innocence, and ability to learn
  • lifelong commitment to marriage as seen in an elderly couple still very much in love
  • the world’s limitless species of flowers
  • beautiful artwork (I can barely draw a stick figure!)
  • the way God’s Word speaks something new to me even when I’ve read the same passage many times in the past

Stand in awe of God

Most of all, though, I stand in awe of God and who He is. No matter how much time I spend in His Word, I know I’ll never plumb its depths nor fully comprehend His character until I see Him face to face. And then—without doubt—His beauty and majesty will either move me to singing praises or to be reverently still in His presence.

The psalmist wrote,

“Because of your unfailing love, I can enter your house; I will worship at your Temple with deepest awe” (Psalm 5:7).

Sometimes I wonder whether we, as believers, get so caught up in busyness or burdened by the cares of life that we forget who God is. Sure, we pray to Him, talk about Him, and read books about Him. But do we truly understand how magnificent He is? Do we truly give Him the reverence He’s due?

Someday we’ll stand in God’s presence, and then we’ll realize how small we envisioned Him

Until then, so long as we’re living on this earth and moving within our limited minds and bodies, how can we worship God with the awe He deserves?

By identifying lies we’ve come to believe about Him—that He expects perfection from us, that He isn’t really concerned about the details of our lives, that He loves us best only when we measure up to a certain spiritual standard. Untruths about Him devalue Him and reduce Him to a divinity too puny to praise.

By filling our minds with the truth about who He is—invincible, all-wise, holy, sovereign One. Scripture’s filled with accurate descriptions. So are the old hymnals.

By asking Him to reveal Himself to us in new ways. Maybe it’s time for a healthy spiritual shake-up. Time to shed the old and the mundane. Now’s the time for new growth, and what better way for that to happen than to catch a glimpse of who God is through a fresh encounter with Him.

We ought to wake every morning in awe that God has given us the gift of another day. We ought to go throughout our day in awe that He moves with us and in us, loving us and caring for us as a shepherd cares for his lambs. We ought to climb into bed at night in awe that He will stay awake to watch over us as we sleep.

May our hearts never grow apathetic towards the truths contained in the Word and the privilege we have to be called God’s children. May His beauty astound us and His mercy overwhelm us.

A question for you

What characteristic of God leaves you in awe, and why?

Know you are loved,


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  1. His faithfulness. No matter what we do, or fail to do, He is faithful, never leaves us, doesn’t forget about us………keeps loving us………is still our ever-present help……………….always thinking of us……..providing in ways we could never imagine……He is faithful, and mighty to save. God’s love for us in unending. He still rescues us from dumb mistakes. He is faithful.

  2. God’s faithfulness (and quietness) shows up in the sunrise each morning (and sunsets)…in the voice of a friend…..in answered prayer……and all through His word. His faithfulness is shown each time a season changes, and when the bud opens on a flower, and when a tiny baby is born fully formed and so beautiful to behold. In the patience of a spouse and in the Nativity story we see that he is faithful, and he’ll do what he said he would.
    He covers us and watches over us each night, and grants us sleep and rest.
    Daddy is faithful and true.

  3. Hi Grace: Yes, I have experienced the feeling of being held by God; embraced by Him………….it is such a secure feeling; total peace and rest.

    Just now, my husband and I are in a state of peacefulness and rest; leading up to the New Year, we spent extra (and I mean EXTRA) time in prayer, and praying Scripture, and God has released us from all those heavy things of the past, and the burden of the church (that’s a big one). We are praying for those in authority and leadership, etc., and those appointed by God to preach/teach the Word. He has given us a clear message “never to speak against the Lord’s annointed”. We have learned in the Book of Revelation that Jesus authorized the Church on earth to be His voice here and yet it’s clear that Christ himself is right in the midst, in the middle of the Church itself. If a pastor makes a mistake or jokes inappropriately, but he is teaching the word to the people, we are to pray for him………………..God will do the rest. Therefore, we don’t have to be the ones to confront the pastor, but God himself will appoint the person to do that. That’s a big one off us. We are able to pray more and in a state of peacefulness……………..with love.
    We are looking into the Revelation with friends. This is very fulfilling. I feel like a child comforted by its mother. We have been given a very clear message about the frailty of humanity……and so much needing God. Because of this, we have no right to blame anyone, and must show the love of God to everyone………..everyone. This is a better place to be.

    1. I love that you are experiencing peace and rest, Marge. May the Lord continue to bless you and your husband in this way. It sounds like you’re growing by leaps and bounds 🙂

  4. Yes, Grace, God is truly faithful………we really can trust him! He cannot lie.

    He said, “Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God……”and HIs righteousness”, and all these things…………………it’s the seeking, and keeping him “first”……our focus, and staying in his word, and running to him, that keeps us on track and as we endure, praying for others, seeking peace with all men, and letting God’s love fill us………then we really see him at work everywhere, we come to know him better, and he never leaves us.

    We truly can “stand still and see the Glory of God…….for when we are weak, then, “He is strong”. We really can trust God.

  5. Amen, Marge. We really CAN trust God. We really CAN experience His presence and His power and intimacy with Him. Press on to know Him more and more, my friend. You are loved.

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