Scripture–the Key to Confident Prayers

Scripture--the Key to Confident Prayers - Grace Fox

Sometimes I simply don’t know how to pray. That’s when I find confidence in using the Scriptures as my basis for intercession.

Cancer has struck at least a dozen of my friends and family members since last fall. This week it returned with vengeance in yet another friend’s body. When will it end?

Every night I pray for these people by name, asking God to grant strength and healing to their bodies and their emotions. I also pray that God will grant their loved ones strength and peace for the journey.

Sometimes, when I hear or read about other people’s difficult circumstances, I simply don’t know how to pray. That’s when I find confidence in using the Scriptures as my basis for intercession. Here’s one example:

A woman I know has been falsely accused of something she didn’t do. Psalm 36 provides a wonderful prayer on her behalf…

“Father, Your unfailing love is as vast as the heavens and Your faithfulness reaches beyond the clouds. Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains and Your justice like the ocean depths. Please pour out Your unfailing love on ________ because she loves You. Give justice to her because her heart is honest. Don’t let the proud trample her or the wicked push her around. Rush to her rescue and show Yourself strong on her behalf. May she find shelter in the shadow of Your wings. In Jesus’ name, Amen.” (Psalm 36 NLT)

Praying Scripture isn’t like rubbing a genie bottle and automatically receiving the answer I want. But so long as I’m not taking God’s words out of context, praying them gives me confidence that I’m asking something according to His will. I know He hears and will answer in His way and time.

I’m currently facing some major decisions regarding writing and speaking. They’re all good. In fact, they’re quite exciting, but they all require taking a risk.

My prayer for this is simple:

“Father, I commit all the details of these potential projects to You, and I trust You to help me. Thank You for promising to do so as I seek to follow Your direction and do things Your way” (Psalm 37:5).

I’m amazed at how those words calm my pounding heart.


How have you applied Scripture to prayer?

Know you are loved,


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