A Prayer For When Facing an Impossible Task

A Prayer For When Facing an Impossible Task - Grace Fox

Sometimes God calls us to a task that seems ludicrous. Our human nature wants to know the details before we say yes. But that’s not how God works.

Imagine being responsible to provide food and drinking water for more than three million men, women, and children. That’s what Moses faced when he agreed to God’s divine assignment. Grocery stores didn’t exist in the wilderness. Neither did water bottles, fountains, taps, or garden hoses.

Where on earth would he find food and water vital for survival? The beauty is—he didn’t need to worry about it.

The exodus from Egypt was God’s idea, and He had every detail under control, including food service:

“They asked for meat, and he sent them quail; he satisfied their hunger with manna—bread from heaven. He split open a rock, and water gushed out to form a river through the dry wasteland” (Psalm 105:40-41 NLT).

Prior to saying yes, Moses had no clue how God planned to provide for the masses. He agreed without knowing the details because he knew God was able to deal with the practical impossibilities.

I can relate to Moses

I can relate, at least to a small degree. Several years ago, a ministry in India asked me to come and speak at their women’s conference. Then a second Christian organization heard that I was coming, and they asked me to speak at their conference, too.

Neither ministry covered my expenses nor paid an honorarium. My husband refused to let me travel alone, so going meant paying expenses for two people. The total came to $10,000 despite staying in very basic accommodations, eating with the locals, and doing no sightseeing.

Coordinating this trip took 18 months and umpteen emails with travel agents both in Canada and India, the overseas ministry leaders, and Indian hotel reservation clerks. One day I felt particularly overwhelmed by details coupled with the frustration of trying to communicate via email with people whose first language was not English. Added to that was the financial cost. Where on earth was I supposed to find $10,000?

I recall standing by my kitchen sink when a wave of fear washed over me. I must be out of my mind, I thought. What have I done? What possessed me to say yes?

Carry on, and trust Me

That’s when I sensed the Holy Spirit say, “I did. I called you to this task and I have the details  covered. Carry on, and trust Me.”

From that point on, I began thanking God for His ability to bring something from nothing. And He did. We watched in awe as donors responded to a newsletter we wrote explaining the financial need. Weeks passed. We waited and watched and prayed and praised. In the end, donations totaled $11,000.

Sometimes God calls us to a task that seems ludicrous. Our human nature wants to know the details before we say yes. But that’s not how God works. He wants us to say yes before we know the details and then trust Him to work them out.

The circumstances to which He’s calling us might appear impossible, but that shouldn’t stop us from obedience. The only question we ought to ask is, “Is God asking me to do this?” If the answer to that question is yes, then our answer to Him ought to be yes as well.

So, how can we pray when God’s called us to a task that seems scary impossible?

Here’s my suggestion:

Almighty God for whom nothing is too difficult, I acknowledge You as Lord. I praise You for being faithful, all-powerful, and all-wise. Your eternal purposes are beyond my understanding, but I trust You as You unfold them here on earth.

 “Thank You for inviting me to be part of Your plan. Please grant me the courage and faith needed for this assignment. Keep my eyes focused on You rather than on the circumstances that appear impossible.

 “You fed and watered millions in the desert—a feat only You could accomplish. And so, I’m trusting You to provide the practical needs necessary in this situation. You’ve called me to a task that requires supernatural provision, and I’m calling on You to care for those details. I’ll do my part, and I trust You to do Yours. Thank You in advance for what You’re going to do. In the power of Your mighty name, amen.”

May this prayer bring you encouragement today, my friend.

How about you?

Please feel free to share your thoughts and your own story of how you’ve seen God do the impossible.

Know you are loved,


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  1. Thank-you for those prayers we can pray.
    I can certainly relate to “What have I done?” Why did I do that?
    Grace, your work in those countries surely will be highly effective, as you are so dependant on God for it. I have something a little similar this year with sponsoring another child(India), when I couldn’t really afford to have more money going out this year, and yet, when asked, I felt so strongly that I must do it. It has turned out great and I have cut out all the extra junk foods in my diet. I feel a lot better, and am taking in more of God’s word and praying more for others———for other people who take risks for God to bring hope and healing to folks, and also for the persecuted church. We love this lifestyle and I realize in my spirit that we still need a few more adjustments so that we are not eating “more than our share”. So our church began sponsoring some of the refugees in crisis.
    He is the awesome, all-powerful, wonderful God.
    Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. 3John 1:2 (NKJV)
    He loves us so much!!! He provides!!!! It’s good to obey God!!!!

  2. Hi Marge. I love your story! You’ve demonstrated the essence of “pure and undefiled religion” by sponsoring a child in need, and you did so by trusting God to provide. Yeah, Marge! You inspire me.

  3. I noticed that God is blessing me in ways I never would have imagined…not in things that I would ask for, but better. Things such as sensing His love moreso, and a feeling of contentment, knowing that a little child is being cared for, and I noticed that my own digestion has been better . I have never felt that sponsoring this child has taken anything from “me”, but alas, I seem to find bargains sitting in front of me when I go shopping, and they are things we like. Our own hunger is not so great. I’ve noticed before that when you fill someone else’s need, God fills yours.

  4. Marge, you’re so right about God blessing us when we obey Him. I find, too, that we can never really guess what those blessings will look like. It’s like He has an abundance of surprises in His back pocket.

  5. Hi Grace,
    I am so glad God has connected you and I. Your posts are right on spot for me right now. I am in charge of organizing our first Father/Daughter banquet at our church and I will be speaking and singing and presenting my Bible study called Father Knows Best to these Dads and their high school daughters. Leadership is supporting me in this and my team for food, decorations, photo booth and clean up is coming together. There are some things that are not coming together yet and I sometimes “feel” like “why am I doing this” but I can definitely go back to “Did God call me to do this?” and I can definitely say YES! So I am so inspired by this post to know and believe that God will supply ALL my needs for this event. I don’t know what success will look like at this event but I do believe that it will be successful because he will be involved. I am doing my part, praying and preparing and planning. I am SURE he will do his, but I definitely needed to hear this RIGHT NOW. It is scheduled for February 12, 2017 and as far as I know right now there was only one dad and daughter signed up but they had to ask for a refund because they will be going out of town for a wedding. So please stand with me in prayer for the Dads and daughters to sign up and come and pray for me as I bring a powerful message of how God worked in my life to overcome many obstacles with my Dad. Also pray for me to sing without shaking and being fearful. I struggle with performance anxiety. This could turn into many more speaking opportunities because our district superintendent will be either attending or watching a video to decide if he will recommend it to 100’s of churches that he is over. Praise God for sending you into my life! A mentor from afar. Love you already!

  6. HI Debbie:
    Thank you for sharing your story here. Kudos to you for saying yes to God’s assignment. He WILL give you everything you need to do the job. You’re right about not knowing what success will look like, but that’s okay–do your part with excellence and love for your audience, and God will take care of that department. Often His view of success doesn’t match ours anyway.
    “Father, would You please give Debbie an overwhelming sense of peace as she fulfills this assignment? Give her joy and a sense of anticipation too. May everyone who attends sense her love for them and for You as her heavenly Father. May every word she says and sings be filled with the power of Your Holy Spirit. Do something amazing that night, Lord. Show up in a magnificent way and bring honor to Yourself. And if it please You, then use this evening as a portal for future opportunities. We trust You for an amazing outcome. In Your name we ask these things, amen.”

    1. Thank you so much for your kind, powerful prayer. I am feeling more peace and when I don’t I just say, Jesus I trust you! That sends the devil running for a while. Thanks Grace! See ya Wednesday!

  7. I have been dealing with just such a situation as what you described wondering how I will ever make provision. I have watched conditions change, quite unfavorably at times I might add, and wondered what I was doing or not doing to deserve these difficulties. I have not been in the right place for the thinking or lack there of in this case (having faith) to move forward. I have done many works, but find outcomes to be lacking in the benefits needed to move forward. My work is non-profit. I am working for specific outcomes. Resources I need have not arrived and the work is important. What I wanted to say is that I appreciate you posting this. Sometimes doing nothing is the answer. I am not too good at that. This may have been just what I needed to read.

    1. Thank you for posting your comments here. We walk a parallel path, it seems. My husband and I, too, lead a non-profit ministry. Yesterday we had a conversation and prayer time about this exact thing. We’re supposed to travel to the Middle East in about six weeks but our funds are far less than what’s needed to pay for the expenses. It looks impossible for us, but we know God has asked us to do this so we move forward in faith believing He’s got it covered. We look back to the India trip I described, and we find courage in knowing God was faithful then and He will be faithful now. Rereading this blog post has encouraged me this morning.

      May I pray for you? “Father God, You are faithful. When You call us to a task, You always provide what’s needed to get the job done. Please give me and Christopher the courage to walk in faith and to trust You to bring every detail into place at just the right time. Show Yourself strong on our behalf. Do something extraordinary for which there is no human explanation so that You receive all the glory. I ask this in Jesus’s name, amen.”

  8. I know I am late reading this post and forgive me if you have already answered these questions. How did your speeches turn out and how did the event go overall? Was there a moving missionary moment you could share? Thanks and have a good day.

    1. Hi Mary Beth. That trip to India was amazing in many ways. One moving missionary moment took place immediately upon our arrival at the first place. The plan, as we understood it, was to have a meeting with ministry leaders there and to see how we could partner in the future. Well, that didn’t happen. Instead, immediately after our arrival, one lady said to me, “We’re so excited about the women’s conference tomorrow. We’re thrilled that you’re going to speak.” Whaaaat?

      So–I spoke three times at a women’s conference the next day. Then I was asked to preach in church the next morning. I did that, too. One gal came to my room early Sunday morning and said, “I want to give you this.” She unwrapped a beautiful sari and then wrapped me in it for the church service.

      When I left home for this first stop, I had no idea that these opportunities to teach would present themselves. I didn’t even have time to get nervous! God equipped me for these tasks, and He used these events to bless and “grow” many women.

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