Let’s Hurry to Obey God’s Commands

Let's Hurry to Obey God's Commands - Grace Fox

We hurry to the store when it offers great sales. Do we hurry to obey God’s commands with the same enthusiasm or do we dilly-dally while doing our own thing?

I will hurry, without delay, to obey your commands. (Psalm 119:60 NLT)

I hurried to buy a coffee maker

Several months ago we received a newspaper filled with advertisements for incredible sales. One of them was for a coffee maker—a Tassimo, to be exact.

I’ll admit it—I enjoy a good cappuccino or latte. The thought of having a machine that could make such treats at home, hassle-free, really appealed to me. And so I mentioned this to my husband.

“Go ahead,” he said. “Buy it while it’s such a good deal.”

The advertisement said the sale would run only one day. It began when the store opened at 9 A.M. When the coffee makers were gone, they were gone. No rain checks.

The next morning—sale day—found me racing to the store shortly before 9 A.M. so I could make my purchase. I was motivated! A woman on a mission, I was, hurrying to get my coffee maker before they sold out.

The psalmist hurried to obey God’s directives

The Psalmist hurried, too, but not to satisfy his heart’s desire for material goods. Rather, he hurried to obey God’s commands.

He knew the importance of doing what God told him to do, and he wasted no time tinkering with sin or toying with excuses.

We hurry to satisfy our physical desires. Do we value spiritual matters as much? Do we hurry to obey God’s commands with enthusiasm, or do we dilly-dally while doing our own thing or hoping He’ll change His mind?

Let’s ensure the Psalmist’s commitment to prompt obedience is true of us, too. Let’s rush to obey God’s commands with infinitely more enthusiasm than we run to satisfy physical desires. He’ll honor us for doing so, but more importantly, our relationship with Him will grow and thrive as a result.


What hinders you from hurrying, without delay, to obey God’s commands?

Know you are loved,


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