Nothing Hinders the God Who Fights For Us

Nothing Hinders the God Who Fights For Us - Grace Fox

When faith-testers come your way, remember to trust the Lord to help you. Nothing can hinder Him. He can win the battle as you do whatever’s necessary.

Perhaps the LORD will help us, for nothing can hinder the LORD. He can win a battle whether he has many warriors or only a few. (1 Samuel 14:6 NLT)

Saul’s son, Jonathan, represented courage. He saw an opportunity to pull a sneak attack on the Philistines and rose to the challenge with the help of his trusty armor-bearer. Together they climbed a cliff, attacked and killed nearly two dozen enemies, and then sent the survivors running.

The secret to his courage and their win?

It certainly wasn’t massive manpower. Nor was it brilliant human strategy. It was their faith in a present and all-powerful God who, by the way, sent an earthquake and confusion into the enemy camp to secure the victory.

Simply put, they trusted in the Lord and He helped them when they moved into action (1 Samuel 14:23).

This story makes faith look so easy. In reality, it ought to be considering the object of our faith—God. Trouble is, we make it difficult by focusing on our faith-testing circumstances rather than on Him.

What battle are you facing today?

Are you dealing with a difficult marriage? Parenting a strong-willed child? Fighting health issues? Trying to stay afloat financially?

When faith-testers come your way, remember and apply Jonathan’s attitude. Trust the Lord to help you. Nothing can hinder Him. He can win the battle as you do whatever’s necessary on your part.

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  1. Unbelief hinders God. When Jesus returned home to Nazareth, the Bible tells us that he could do no mighty works there because of their unbelief. He could only do a few minor healings. No doubt, the people of the town said, “Who does he think he is coming back here and claiming to be the Son of God? He grew up down the street!”

    Their unbelief was so great that it hindered even Jesus’ ability to use the power of God on their behalf. When faith-testers come our way, I believe it is important to look at ourselves and ask if there is unbelief lurking in our hearts and minds. Even a thought like, “well, that’ll never work for me”, shows unbelief in the power and Word of God.

    1. Hi Wendy:

      You’re right–our unbelief hinders God, but that’s not a reflection of a lack of power on His part. For example, He can raise the dead whether or not we believe He can (i.e. Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead even tho his sisters struggled with unbelief).

      I wonder how much the present-day Church is missing out on due to unbelief? Our loss.

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