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What Does “God is Awesome” Mean?

What does it mean that God is awesome? A child’s chatter caused me to ponder this question and do a bit of research to come up with an answer. I didn’t realize how much I used the word “awesome” until my three-year-old granddaughter echoed me one day. “Let’s color, Grandma! Isn’t that an awesome idea?”… [ read more ]

Keeping Our Eyes on God in Life’s Hard Places

  In 1999, my dad suffered two severe strokes within a couple of weeks. The first caused him to fall from the ladder on which he was standing and resulted in a fractured skull and several broken ribs. I lived about 800 miles from him and my mom at that time. I remember the day… [ read more ]

Can God be Trusted?

Over and over again, God invites me to trust Him with every detail of my life. Truth is, I don’t always do it because it’s scary sometimes…especially when I don’t understand how the puzzle pieces fit together. The Israelites felt the same way. We know that’s true by their negative response when God told them… [ read more ]

What is God Like?

Kids ask great questions. The other day, my 2 ½-year-old granddaughter, Anna, looked at my arms and asked, “What are those spots, Grandma?” “Freckles,” I said. Her response made me laugh: “Hmmm. Maybe you should cut them out.” Anna asks a lot of questions, as do other children her age. That might grow wearisome at… [ read more ]