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A Good Question to Ask When We Feel Afraid

Relevant questions reveal a lot about what people think and the reason for their behavior. Lawyers use them. So do life coaches. And parents. David used them, too. The Psalms record numerous songs and prayers he wrote throughout his lifetime, and many contain questions. On one occasion, as he ran from enemies determined to capture… [ read more ]

Turning Fear to Confidence

Yesterday our pastor spoke about overcoming fear. It’s an endless topic, it seems, with endless reasons to feel afraid. This week, farmers in Manitoba wait and watch as floodwaters approach and fill their fields. In the southern States, the Mississippi river rises and workers desperately try to avert a catastrophe that could exceed Hurricane Katrina…. [ read more ]

My Reason for Confidence

When people hear about our overseas ministry travels, they sometimes ask us, “Aren’t you afraid?” They refer to our traveling in countries where we don’t understand the language, we (as obvious foreigners) must be alert to the risk of pickpockets in trains and train stations, and driving on narrow tree-lined highways where passing slower vehicles… [ read more ]

What Makes Believers Different?

Scripture says Jesus’ followers are supposed to be salt and light, right? How does that happen? Here’s my two cents’ worth: God’s presence is the key that sets us apart from the rest of the world. His Holy Spirit lives in us 24/7. If we allow Him full control, then He fills us with peace,… [ read more ]

I'm a Winner!

Wanna know what really excites me? Having the confidence that victory is mine no matter what. As a child of God, nothing—absolutely nothing—can wrestle me to the ground and keep me down.   I’m not claiming to have a problem-free life. I face ups and downs like everyone else on the planet. Discouragement hits me… [ read more ]

Who's in Control, Anyway?

A recurring theme has brought me huge encouragement over the past couple of weeks. It’s all about God’s sovereignty in the lives of His kids. I’ve been pondering this truth…meditating on it…mulling over it. The result? I think I’m beginning to understand what it means to be still, to cease striving, and to know that… [ read more ]

Follow the Leader

About two months ago, changing circumstances pointed toward a shift in my ministry focus. That meant investing big bucks in training, doing homework assignments, and experiencing a straight-up learning curve. Believing this shift was God-directed, I took a leap into the big unknown. I’m not sure where or when I’ll land, but I’m okay with… [ read more ]

What do People See When They Look at Us?

Here’s a thought for the day, based on Galatians 2:4 where Paul wrote about false Christians spying on him. These folks were entrenched in religious rules and regulations, but they’d heard Paul’s message about “freedom in Christ” and wanted to see what that looked like in real life.    When people – especially those entrenched… [ read more ]