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Celebrating Easter Even When it Looks Different

  My husband and I drove to our oldest daughter’s home in Washington state this week. Her husband had been scheduled for foot surgery, so they asked if we might come and lend a hand. “Of course,” we said. Besides, this is the first Easter weekend we’ve spent with them in years.   In pre-pandemic… [ read more ]

From Disappointment to Delight

To say COVID-19 has changed peoples’ plans would be the understatement of the century.   A friend’s daughter is getting married this weekend. The happy couple had planned to invite 200 guests. Now only the immediate family will gather in a back yard to celebrate the wedding. No doubt thousands of other couples are changing… [ read more ]

A Prayer to Pray When Someone Hurts You

Our human bent tells us to withdraw physically, or dish up the silent treatment, or seek sweet revenge when someone hurts us. Praying for that individual’s forgiveness seldom enters our mind. But if we profess to be Jesus’ disciples, then we’re to follow His example.   Jesus was innocent of all wrongdoing yet He suffered… [ read more ]

Why You Can Do a Victory Dance

Have you ever felt as though someone’s out to “get” you? If so, that’s no surprise. You have an enemy, and he’ll do anything within his power to discourage and destroy you.   Your enemy’s name is Satan, and you’re constantly on his radar. His tactics are sometimes subtle, sometimes more blatant, but they’re always… [ read more ]

Forgiveness and God’s Extravagant Grace

  What’s a typical response when someone hurts us?   Perhaps we’re prone to defend ourselves. Maybe we’re tempted to avoid that person for a long time or to retaliate by saying unkind things about him to others. Maybe we establish walls to keep that person out lest he hurt us again.   As Easter… [ read more ]

How E.T. Challenges My Response to Christ’s Resurrection

  Do you remember the movie “E.T.”? A clip from that movie landed in my inbox a couple of days ago, just in time for Easter. As strange as it may seem, I found it challenged my response, as a Jesus follower, to the reality of Christ’s resurrection. Why? Because sometimes it’s way too easy,… [ read more ]

Why Easter Brings Joy

Do you remember these lyrics?   I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart Where? Down in my heart Where? Down in my heart I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart Where? Down in my heart to stay! I sang this tune as a kid in Sunday school…. [ read more ]