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Encouraging Words for When You Face a Test

Tests make me nervous. In fact, I remember lying in fourth grade to skip writing a math test. I’d been sick with the flu for several days prior, and on the day of my return to school, the teacher plunked a math test on my desk. I took one look at it, felt the fear… [ read more ]

When We Feel Like a Little Bird With a Broken Wing

I spent the weekend in Alberta speaking at a retreat for the Parkland Zone Lutheran Women’s Missionary League. They’d chosen “SOAR!”— one of my favorite packages—as their theme. “SOAR!” is based on . “O Israel, how can you say the LORD does not see your troubles? How can you say God refuses to hear your case?… [ read more ]

Splashes of Beauty Amidst Chaos

  My last visit to Nepal was in 2016. One afternoon I walked down a back street gutted with potholes. My path resembled an obstacle course marked with sleeping dogs, a stray cow or two, and random piles of rocks and red bricks. But as I approached a T-intersection, I saw potted flowers teeming with… [ read more ]

Encouragement to Those Wondering if Their Work Matters

Do you sometimes feel like you’re pouring time, love, energy, or even money into someone or something as an act of obedience to the Lord and seeing very little payback? Do you sometimes wonder if your effort and investment is worth it?   Read this encouragement from God’s Word and lay those doubts to rest,… [ read more ]

The Power of Encouragement

The power of encouragement cannot be overestimated. Let’s pass encouragement to someone today.