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Encouragement to Those Wondering if Their Work Matters

Do you sometimes feel like you’re pouring time, love, energy, or even money into someone or something as an act of obedience to the Lord and seeing very little payback? Do you sometimes wonder if your effort and investment is worth it?   Read this encouragement from God’s Word and lay those doubts to rest,… [ read more ]

The Power of Encouragement

The power of encouragement cannot be overestimated. Let’s pass encouragement to someone today.

I Told You So

Have you ever said, or felt like saying, “I told you so”? Paul did. He’d been taken prisoner and was being transported by ship to Italy when lousy weather blew in (Acts 27:1-20). Knowing that the fall season made weather dangerous for long voyages, he expressed his concerns to the ship’s officers: “Sirs,” he said,… [ read more ]

Be an Encourager

The drama in David’s life continues when his son Absalom decides to overthrow him. (Perhaps some counseling in conflict resolution might have prevented this mess). At any rate, David and his followers are headin’ out of town to escape Absalom and his henchmen. It was an emotional time – 2 Samuel 15:30 says the king… [ read more ]

Watch our Words!

Luke 6:45 says, “Whatever is in your heart determines what you say.” Ouch! This fits in well with yesterday’s travel blog. I admitted feeling stressed to the max when trying to make our connection and spilling the words to my husband in a not-so-respectful way: “Just get on the stinkin’ train!” You may be wondering… [ read more ]