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When God Asks Us to Do Something from Nothing

Sometimes God asks us to do something from nothing, or so it seems. I was a Bible college sophomore when I sensed Him leading me to spend the summer doing mission work in Belgium. As that impression grew stronger, so did my main concern: I was a typical student with big dreams but empty pockets…. [ read more ]

Teach Me to Pray

Hey, my friend! Have you ever felt at a loss to know how to pray in certain circumstances? If so, you’re not alone. I’ve been there many times.   I find encouragement in knowing that the disciples experienced the same frustration. That’s why they said to Jesus, “Teach us to pray.” Jesus’ response was filled… [ read more ]

Choosing Our Perspective in Hard Places

  Life being what it is, we occasionally face tough situations over which we have no control. Every time this happens, we get to choose the perspective we want to hold: we can either focus only on what we see and understand, or we can focus on what we cannot see or understand. The first… [ read more ]

Encouragement for When You Feel Overwhelmed

  I’m hearing the word “overwhelmed” a lot these days. It seems people are feeling this way over so many things: Fractured relationships over the vaccine issue News about Omicron and resulting uncertainties and restrictions Paying the bills Facing the first Christmas after losing a loved one The dread of spending Christmas with testy family… [ read more ]

The Purpose for Suffering

  One of my favorite things in life is watching my grandchildren grow in every aspect of their lives—physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional. Every time I see them, they’ve changed.   That’s the way it should be, right? God never intended a baby to remain a baby. His plan is for infants to grow and… [ read more ]

Is an Evil Spirit to Blame?

  I’ve participated in a weekly First Place 4 Health Bible study for more than a year, and I’ve been a group leader for the same since February. Several times each week I experience “aha moments” when spiritual truth hits home in a particularly relevant way. The most recent “aha moment” happened when I read… [ read more ]

How to Respond When God Interrupts Our Routine

  The Christmas rush has ended. My kids have returned to their homes. The local Christian radio station has returned to its regular playlists. And I’m returning to my routine.   I find a strange sort of comfort in routine. Perhaps it’s because “routine” equals “known.” It brings no surprises. It throws nothing unexpected at… [ read more ]

3 Qualities Needed to Live a Big Life  

  My husband recently prayed, “Father, I want to live a big life.” He doesn’t mean a life that makes him wealthy or draws attention to himself. Rather, he wants to make a significant impact in God’s kingdom. He wants God to trust him with tasks impossible to accomplish apart from His doing and to… [ read more ]

Why Growing a Lifestyle of Gratitude Matters

I’ve spent the past three days researching and writing on the topic of gratitude. I love, love, love the insights learned, and now I’m accountable to apply them to my life. A blog’s too short to write about everything I’ve discovered, but I can elaborate a bit on one point. It revolves around the story… [ read more ]

The Secret to Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Yesterday I attended the memorial service for an 89-year-old woman, the mother of a good friend. The service began with a medley of well-known hymns including “Great is Thy Faithfulness” and “Because He Lives.” It continued with her children and grandchildren sharing memories of her life and stories of her influence on them. One common… [ read more ]