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Because You Prayed

I hope to have a heart-to-heart with God when I reach heaven because I have a few questions that need answers. Here’s one: What difference does prayer make if You rule over everything and have established purposes for our lives from before creation? I wrestle with this question occasionally. How can my measly petitions change… [ read more ]

Be Still

My youngest daughter has befriended a woman in a nursing home, visiting her on a weekly basis for the past few months. Last week I had the privilege of meeting her. Unlike the other residents, this woman – a single mom of a 19-year-old son – is in her early 40s. Her body is gnarled… [ read more ]

Perspective on Pain

Before launching into today’s devotional, I have a very special announcement! Stonecroft Ministries Canada asked me to write a study guide to accompany Moving From Fear to Freedom and to produce a 7-part teaching DVD. The study guide is in the publishing process now, and the DVD will be recorded live this fall. Would you… [ read more ]

A Prayer for People in Pain

Yesterday was unusual in that bad news arrived three times. One of my friends, a woman I’ve known for 25 years and who ministered with us in Poland this summer, was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with leukemia on Monday evening. Then there’s my daughter’s friend whose 2-year-old was diagnosed with the same disease… [ read more ]

This I Know

Two weeks ago, I somehow managed to lock my SI joint (sacro iliac) and wound up in excruciating pain in my lower back. My doctor ordered pain-killers and exercises, but neither helped. The pain from routine movements such as walking, getting in and out of my car, and standing from a sitting position nearly left… [ read more ]