Conntecting the Dots

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Rubber Gloves and Roast Chicken

  It was Monday afternoon, and I was knee-high in packing boxes when I heard the knock on our door. Who could that be? I wondered. I opened it to find our Sunday school teacher—Larry—standing on the step. “I thought you could use this,” said Larry. He handed me a package containing a roasted chicken…. [ read more ]

Selfish. Who–Me?

I spent Wednesday flying home from Eastern Europe. The first flight, from Budapest to London, was filled to capacity. Due to limited overhead storage space, an airline employee cruised the crowds lined up at the airport check-in and put yellow tags on backpacks, purses, computer bags, and the like. “These tagged items must be placed… [ read more ]

No One’s Perfect…Yet

A senior gentleman from our church recently said, “My memory is like Teflon. Nothing sticks!” I howled with laughter because I could relate. How about you? Seems that, while age advances, one’s memory retreats. Other changes take place, too—some more obvious than others. We leak and creak. We wrinkle and sag. Physically, we’re far from… [ read more ]