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Learning to Say No

The devil will do anything to derail our devotion for the Lord. One of his tactics is busyness. If running from one thing to the next to the next eliminates quiet time spent in God’s Word and presence, then we become more vulnerable to temptation, discouragement, and self-deception. Satan knows this, so he wastes no… [ read more ]

Encouragement for the Weary

Hands down, last week’s highlight was meeting and cuddling grandbaby Alexandra. She’s a seven-pound bundle of pure precious. I know her parents say Alexandra’s worth the nine-month wait, the long and excruciating labor, and the sleepless nights since her debut. But to say they’re tired is an understatement. That’s why I’m lending a hand for… [ read more ]

Living Stress-Free — Part 2

I promised to share some personal thoughts about living stress-free but trying to do so this morning is stressing me out! Just kidding. On Friday I referred to and italicized several commands we’re to obey if we’re to rise above stress. One of them is “Commit everything you do the LORD. Trust him, and he… [ read more ]

How to Live Stress-Free

Have you ever noticed how many books and magazine articles are written with a “how-to” slant? Here are a few examples: How to Lose 15 Pounds in a Week, How to Turn Your Junk Collection into Stunning Centerpieces, and How to Have a New Kid by Friday. Many of these articles and books contain advice… [ read more ]