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How to De-Stress

God is more than able to orchestrate the details of our lives. Do we trust Him?

When Our Day's Plans Change

Snow blankets the world beyond my office window this morning. Traffic on the main road nearby is nearly nil—it seems people are choosing to stay home today rather than risk driving in icy conditions. I made that choice early this morning, too. I was supposed to attend a Think Referral Network meeting in a neighboring… [ read more ]

God Provides

Is there something for which you need specific provision? Take heart! God can provide. Gotta love the story in 2 Kings 3:16-18. Three kings had banded together to attack a neighboring king. Trouble was, their plans took them on a roundabout trip through the wilderness for a week, and they couldn’t find water for themselves… [ read more ]

The Best Way to Begin and End Each Day

Three decades ago, I realized the importance of dwelling on positive thoughts specifically when I wake and when I fall asleep. The lesson came after my fiancé broke our engagement. In the first days and weeks following the breakup, I’d fall asleep focused on my pain and feelings of rejection. I’d wake dreading the day,… [ read more ]

Living Stress-Free — Part 2

I promised to share some personal thoughts about living stress-free but trying to do so this morning is stressing me out! Just kidding. On Friday I referred to Psalm 37:1-11 and italicized several commands we’re to obey if we’re to rise above stress. One of them is “Commit everything you do the LORD. Trust him,… [ read more ]

How to Live Stress-Free

Have you ever noticed how many books and magazine articles are written with a “how-to” slant? Here are a few examples: How to Lose 15 Pounds in a Week, How to Turn Your Junk Collection into Stunning Centerpieces, and How to Have a New Kid by Friday. Many of these articles and books contain advice… [ read more ]

Dealing with Stress

What do you do when you feel stressed? Perhaps you brew a cup of coffee or steep a cup of tea and then steal away for a few minutes of silence. Maybe you play praise and worship music. Perhaps you treat yourself to a massage or pedicure, go for a walk, or phone a friend…. [ read more ]

First Response

We can’t choose when the storms of life strike, nor can we choose their nature. But we can choose how we’ll respond, says Max Lucado in his new book, Fearless. When the wind blows and the waves thrash, we sometimes respond based on our emotions. We throw angry words at our husband and kids. We… [ read more ]


“What a coincidence!” How many times have I heard those words? The older I grow, however, the more I’m convinced there’s no such thing as a mere coincidence. God truly orchestrates the details of our lives to work out His plan and purposes. Ruth’s story is a prime example. Check this out: Ruth 1:22 –… [ read more ]

Watch our Words!

Luke 6:45 says, “Whatever is in your heart determines what you say.” Ouch! This fits in well with yesterday’s travel blog. I admitted feeling stressed to the max when trying to make our connection and spilling the words to my husband in a not-so-respectful way: “Just get on the stinkin’ train!” You may be wondering… [ read more ]