It’s Time to Stop, Exhale, and De-Stress

How to De-Stress - Grace Fox

God is more than able to orchestrate the details of our lives. Do we trust Him?

Our daughter’s whirlwind engagement and wedding are over. It’s been fun to reflect on God’s involvement in the details of that celebration. Judging by the positive reader response to my blog posts about it, others have enjoyed it, too.

“The LORD directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives,” says Psalm 37:23.

Never before have I seen these words prove so true. And now I’m trusting the Lord to care for the details of yet another special event.

Our son and his wife are expecting their fifth child. The due date is September 22, but the last three children have arrived between four and six weeks early. We’re in that time frame now, so we’re expecting the grandbaby’s birth to happen any day. But there’s a hiccup here.

The hiccup

The newlyweds need help moving to Alberta by the end of August, and Gene and I are the parents whose work schedule can accommodate them. But we’re also the parents who live closest to our son and his wife and who are on high alert to babysit their other four children when delivery time comes.

I know, I know. We’re not irreplaceable, but when it comes to babysitting the four kidlets (ages 1-5), we’re the best candidates because we know their routines and personalities. Our availability would also make life much simpler for the parents as they head to the hospital and then home again with the new baby. And so, I’m asking God to rule over every detail of the move and the birth.

“I’ve got this” – God

This morning a visual came to mind as I read the Scriptures and prayed. I saw myself cuddled in my heavenly Father’s arms, much like I cuddle my grandbabies when they’re tired, afraid, or hurt. He said to me, “Don’t worry. Rest. I’ve got it covered.”

Relief washed my stress away. I’ve known all along that He’s trustworthy, and I’ve just witnessed a plethora of proof in that regard. But hearing His reassurance in the context of the soon-coming next big things did my heart good.

Stress comes when we insist on carrying the concerns God has offered to bear on our behalf. In most cases, we have no control over them. They involve other people, or circumstances we cannot change.

De-stressing, however, happens when we assume whatever responsibility is legitimately ours, release the undue concerns, and learn to trust God to work out the details.

God delights in every detail of our lives. For what details can you trust Him today?

Know you are loved,


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