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Celebrating Christmas Without Clutter

Christmas is almost here! In a few hours my husband and I, together with our eldest daughter and son-in-law, will begin the long drive to southern Alberta to celebrate Jesus’s birthday with my 85-year-old mom and my brother’s family. It’s been 16 years since we made that trek through the Rockies—the lapse due mostly to… [ read more ]

Hearing God’s Voice – Pt. 2

How can we discern God’s voice amidst so many others crying for our attention? Here’s a litmus test that never fails: God’s voice speaks truth and life. Makes sense, right? After all, Jesus Christ was God in flesh, and He declared Himself to be the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He will never speak words… [ read more ]

What Brings God Joy?

On Monday I wrote that my special word for 2012 is joy. Wouldn’t ya know it—that  word pops up nearly every time I open my Bible now. JOY…….JOY…….JOY I love it when God crystallizes the lessons He wants me to learn. And I enjoy processing those lessons by blogging about them. Writing about the nuggets… [ read more ]