Trusting God With All Our Heart

Trusting God With All Our Heart - Grace Fox

I trust with ALL my heart, not just the part that I am comfortable giving Him. Acknowledging He is God replaces fear with courage and fills me with joy.

That little word all continues to change my thinking. This time it’s happening through Psalm 28:7:

“The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.”

There it is: “I trust Him with all my heart.” 

I ponder “all” in that context, and I realize how easy it is to trust the Lord with 50 or 75 or even 99.9 percent. Giving up the last fraction is more difficult.


Because something in me says He might bring an outcome I don’t like—something that’s really difficult or that hurts someone I love. Fear of the unknown, therefore, causes me to withhold a part of my heart.

Saying, “I trust Him with most of my heart” might be a more accurate statement. It’s also a revealing statement because it shows a lack in my understanding of who God is.

Is God truly sovereign over every circumstance? Absolutely.

Is He all-wise? Of course.

Is He kind? Yes.

Is He almighty? Ditto.

God is all these things

If God is all these things (and infinitely more), then why fear? Why not trust Him with all my heart? My hunch is that I still lack a complete understanding of His love. I’ve experienced fickle love, and it left a scar of suspicion that hasn’t properly healed.

But then I read Psalm 32:10-11:

“…Unfailing love surrounds those who trust the LORD. So rejoice in the LORD and be glad, all you who obey him! Shout for joy, all you whose hearts are pure.”

I envision God’s never-ending love encircling me like a high wall or fence, and my hesitancy to trust Him begins to fade.

God is love, and everything He does or allows flows from who He is. I might not always understand His ways, but I know He’ll never act contrary to His character. And so I choose to yield.

I choose to trust with all my heart, not just the part that I feel comfortable giving to Him. Acknowledging that He is God and I am not replaces fear with courage and fills me with joy. Perhaps this is the key to experiencing His rest. What do you think?

Know you are loved,


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