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Hope Amidst Life’s Uncertainties

Hope amidst life’s uncertainties—we all need it. I’ve spent the past two weeks with my youngest daughter’s family, lending a hand with her three little ones. We’ve read umpteen dozen stories, baked pumpkin cookies, made play dough creations, enjoyed tea parties, and gone to the park. We’ve shared hugs and kisses and bedtime dances before… [ read more ]

How to Find Hope in Crisis

People in crisis contact me regularly. Circumstances vary, of course, but the crises fall into categories: illness—their own or a loved one’s, marriage issues, parenting challenges, a breakdown in family relationships, financial fears, losses from a natural disaster, and more. Crisis changes our lives in a nanosecond. It disrupts routine, ruins our appetite, robs us… [ read more ]

The Cure for Anxious Thoughts

Several years ago, I discovered the cure for anxious thoughts after a wrong assumption created tension in a relationship I considered precious. The other person’s unkind accusations broke my heart. I longed for everything to return to normal, but I couldn’t fix it. The situation consumed my thoughts. It was forefront in my mind no… [ read more ]

Standing on the Promises of God

One of my favorite old’ hymns is “Standing on the Promises,” written in 1886 by Russell Kelso Carter. The lyrics remind us that the storms of life will blow, but God’s promises enable us to stand on firm footing and face them with courage. I especially appreciate the second verse: “Standing on the promises that… [ read more ]

Can God Be Trusted?

When life takes an unexpected, difficult detour, we might catch ourselves thinking, Can God be trusted? Can God be trusted when a loved one receives a terminal diagnosis? Can God be trusted when a natural disaster wipes out our home and material possessions? Can God be trusted when evil takes an innocent person’s life? Can… [ read more ]

Remember This When Bad News Comes

Bad news came to my inbox this week: Someone’s 14-year-old daughter went missing. A husband relapsed into drug addiction. A personal friend landed in ICU on a ventilator. Another friend was diagnosed with dementia. Jesus knows how easily we can lose heart when bad news comes our way. Perhaps that’s why He said, “Don’t let… [ read more ]

Be on Guard When Life Takes a Detour

What does it mean to be on guard when life takes a detour? Eight months after receiving “guard” as my focus word for 2022, I’m beginning to appreciate its relevance to my life in ways I hadn’t imagined. “Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong,” says (NLT). In times past,… [ read more ]

God Always Keeps His Promises

Someone once said that promises are made to be broken. Sadly, we live in a society where many people believe this is true. Promises are made, promises are broken, and people end up hurt. Aren’t you glad that God doesn’t operate that way? We never have to put a guard around our heart lest He… [ read more ]

When the Storm Strikes

It was a September day, and Sailor-Man and I were boating back from Campbell River, BC after attending a friend’s memorial service. And then it happened: the sky blackened. Ominous clouds rolled in. The wind picked up and began whipping waves into froth. Thankfully, we’d seen the storm coming and had time to prepare, but… [ read more ]

Finding Peace in the New Year

  Every so often I review, update, and recycle my archived blogs. This one, originally published in December 2019, remains eerily relevant. Scroll down to read the first paragraph, and you’ll probably feel the same way I did:  it sounds just like this year except COVID isn’t mentioned.   When I wrote the following words… [ read more ]