Different Cultures Loving the Same God

Different Cultures Loving the Same God - Grace Fox

The women entered the room and smiled shyly at me as they took their seats. Some wore blue jeans; others wore traditional dress made of woven fabric.

Differences in facility

At 8:15 I entered the conference room. How can I best describe it? It was 10 feet wide and 20 feet long, maybe. The inside walls were yellow and paint-chipped. The outside wall had two windows covered with dingy curtains. When I opened the curtains, I saw only the grey concrete wall of the neighboring building about 15 inches away.

There was no light fixture, not even a bare bulb. Eighteen or so plastic chairs, some red, some grey, sat in rows. And there was one small table on which I could lay my bag and notes. What a stark contrast to women’s conference venues in North America, with their theme-coordinated centerpieces and decorations!

Differences in prayer

The women entered the room and smiled shyly at me as they took their seats. Some wore blue jeans; others wore traditional dress made of woven fabric with the pattern unique to their tribe. A few moments later, the conference organizer introduced me and suggested opening the meeting in prayer.

He explained that, in their culture, they prayed aloud at the same time. Instantly the women began simultaneously crying out to the Lord. I’d never heard anything like it. Some wept before God, pouring out their hearts to Him in earnest supplication. And I cried out to God to encourage these ladies in a way beyond human expectation or ability.

Differences in learning style

When the first session ended, I asked the gals to split into three groups and gave them two questions to discuss. They hesitated and seemed unsure of my request. That’s when I realized that small group discussion, as we know it, might be an unknown in their way of doing things

It took a few minutes, but finally a woman in each group assumed leadership, and quiet but sincere discussion began. The women placed their chairs in circles and leaned toward each other as they talked. I circulated through the groups to get a better understanding of their backgrounds and needs.

Different lives but loved by the same God

One woman said the session’s key verses were her chosen verses for the new year (John 15).Tears filled the woman’s eyes as she spoke. Her words greatly encouraged me; the Lord had obviously been at work by preparing her heart for the message and by giving me the appropriate words. Indeed, He was doing something beyond human ability.

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