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Our Pilgrimage to Nepal

  Thirty-three years ago today, my life took a detour I’d never anticipated. Here’s the story.   Today, my husband and I are at the same hospital—with Stephanie and her husband Daniel. This was the fulfillment of a life’s dream for her. She said, “I’ve always felt as though a piece of my life’s… [ read more ]

God Sees Me: Lessons Learned in Nepal

In my last blog I wrote about Hagar and her encounter with God at a time when she felt abandoned and afraid. As a result of that experience, she thereafter referred to Him as “the God who sees me” ().   Years ago I, too, had an experience that carved on my heart the same life-changing… [ read more ]

Why I’m Resolved to Express Gratitude

Returning to Nepal has renewed my resolve to express gratitude at all times.   I’ve seen people with precious few material possessions, living in grass huts.   I’ve worshiped with men and women whose fingers and toes have been eaten by leprosy.   I’ve talked with a young village mother as she held her eight-month-old… [ read more ]

How Nepal Changed Me

My husband and I are preparing to travel to Asia next week. Our first stop will be Kathmandu, Nepal where we’ll spend a few days with one of our mission staff and see the ministry in which she’s involved. (I’ll blog more about that when I’m there—it’s pretty amazing). We’re also going to visit the… [ read more ]

What Happens When We Stare Fear in the Face?

Have you ever sensed God asking you to do something that scared you witless? I have.  Several times.   When my husband and I moved to Nepal five months after we married. We were clueless about living in a different culture, speaking a different language, surviving with different foods and accompanying health risks, etc. We… [ read more ]

A Lesson in Generosity

When Scripture repeats the same word multiple times in quick succession, we need to pay attention. God’s trying to tell us something important, and repetition is the key. He caught my attention recently using the word generous. Read 2 Corinthians 9:6-13 and count how many times it, or a form of it, is used: “Remember… [ read more ]

Keeping the Sabbath

Sundays were respected as a day of rest when I was a kid. The Sabbath was different than other days—no one in our family worked, other than those who prepared meals and helped with kitchen cleanup. My folks usually retired for an afternoon nap after lunch, and me? Well, I wrote letters or read and… [ read more ]

Comfortable Christianity vs. Living by God's Power

“For the kingdom of God is not just a lot of talk; it is living by God’s power” (1 Cor. 4:20).  Great statement, eh? But what exactly does it mean? Here’s my two cents’ worth: I believe it means that we, as followers of Jesus Christ, need to shed our comfortable Christianity and start living… [ read more ]

Modern-Day Idols

Seeing the Nepalese people pay tribute to idols was part of everyday life when we lived in that land. Men and women alike placed dishes containing cooked rice or pieces of fresh fruit such as bananas, guavas and papayas before stone-carved deities. They laid marigolds at the idols’ feet, and they sprinkled red powder on… [ read more ]

Remembering Your Journey

Where has life’s journey taken you? Undoubtedly your path has led to a few mountaintops and through a few valleys. In some cases, it’s probably taken an unexpected detour or two – some delightful, others not. If you’re a follower of Jesus Christ, can you identify places along your journey where God has proven Himself… [ read more ]