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When God Asks Us to Do Something from Nothing

Sometimes God asks us to do something from nothing, or so it seems. I was a Bible college sophomore when I sensed Him leading me to spend the summer doing mission work in Belgium. As that impression grew stronger, so did my main concern: I was a typical student with big dreams but empty pockets…. [ read more ]

How our Thoughts Determine our Destiny

  Our thoughts determine our destiny. Seriously. Here’s how it works: The thoughts we habitually think shape our beliefs. Our beliefs influence our behaviors. And our behaviors determine our outcome or destiny.   I reflect on my life experiences and see how it’s proven true both negatively and positively. Take, for example, the summer of… [ read more ]

God’s Goodness and a Broken Water Main

  It feels a little odd when women I don’t recognize walk up to me and ask, “Are you Grace Fox?” But when it happened at my hotel’s hot tub on Saturday night, it was over-the-moon extraordinary.   Gene and I had spent the day hosting our ministry booth at Missions Fest Winnipeg. Our feet… [ read more ]

Help, God! I Need ——!

It’s nearly 11 AM, and truth be told, I’m still wearing my housecoat. I know I need to get moving, but truth be told, I’m having a hard time wondering which direction to move first.   Cardboard boxes fill each room and cry for my attention. So do the bathrooms that desperately need to be… [ read more ]

A Lesson Learned on China’s Great Wall

  Four days ago I walked on the Great Wall of China. It’s an amazing feat of human engineering considering modern-day machinery and technology didn’t exist when it was built. I now understand why construction spanned more than 800 years and claimed more than a million lives. And all for the sake of protecting the… [ read more ]

How Nepal Changed Me

My husband and I are preparing to travel to Asia next week. Our first stop will be Kathmandu, Nepal where we’ll spend a few days with one of our mission staff and see the ministry in which she’s involved. (I’ll blog more about that when I’m there—it’s pretty amazing). We’re also going to visit the… [ read more ]

Lessons Learned From a One-Year-Old

Today is my youngest grandchild’s first birthday. Micah—the world’s cutest baby boy—has come a long way since he arrived. He now knows how to feed himself Cheerios, how to clap his hands, how to point and play peek-a-boo, and how to get from point A to point B on his knees. He’s also practicing his… [ read more ]

Thank You for Your Prayers–They Worked!

Our 2014 summer ministry in Eastern Europe has ended. During our time there, we traveled hundreds of miles by van and train through Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland. We hosted two camps—one for some very special kids in Romania and one for families in Poland—by partnering with career missionaries and two teams… [ read more ]

Cross-Cultural Friendships Built Through Being Real

Camp began today—approximately 80 men, women, and children are here now and ready for a great time. Two years have passed since I last attended this particular camp, so it was great fun to meet my Polish friends again.   “Mama Grace,” said Dorota as we hugged and gave each other the traditional two-cheek kiss…. [ read more ]

Poland–Here We Come!

We picked up our volunteers in Berlin and made our trip into Poland yesterday. One of the things I enjoy most about leading short-term mission trips is working alongside the people God sends us every summer. Each is gifted in a unique way, and each brings a needed strength to the program. This year, our… [ read more ]