What Does “Wonderful Counselor” Mean?

What Does “Wonderful Counselor” Mean?

That’s our Jesus! He’s our out-of-the-ordinary, beyond human explanation king who counsels us and leads us because He truly cares about us.

I savor the traditions and festivities surrounding Christmas, but in quiet early-morning moments, I meditate on the names of Jesus.

“These will be his royal titles: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” (Isaiah 9:6)

In the original Hebrew language, the word translated “wonderful” meant something “out of the ordinary, beyond human explanation.” The Hebrew word for “Counselor” painted a picture of a king giving counsel to his people.

That’s our Jesus! He’s our out-of-the-ordinary, beyond human explanation king who counsels us in the way we should live and the path we should take because He truly cares about us.

No problem we face puzzles or stumps Jesus.

We might feel confused and clueless about a particular issue or relationship, but He knows the best solution and how to achieve the best outcome. He also knows not to rush toward quick fixes but to work according to a timetable that’s never too early or too late.

Our Wonderful Counselor is always accessible, even in the wee hours of the night when worries wake us.

I’ve met with professional counselors several times over the past few years. Doing so always required calling ahead to schedule an appointment. Not so with Jesus.

We can call His name with complete confidence that He’ll respond. He’s never too busy to give us His undivided attention. Call waiting and voice mail aren’t a thing for Him. 

Jesus, the Wonderful Counselor, has big shoulders.

We can tell Him anything knowing it’s never too big a burden for Him to bear. We can spill our hearts with no fear of Him shaking His head in disbelief. We might feel like a hot mess, but He never sees us as a hopeless cause. 

Our Wonderful Counselor never had to take training to earn a counseling degree because He is wisdom personified. (James 1:5)

His listening skills are second to none, He always knows what to say, and He always speaks truth for our good even though we might not want to hear it.

Action steps

Find a few quiet moments amidst the busyness of this season and ponder Jesus’ name, Wonderful Counselor. Then leave a comment to tell us which aspect of His role as counselor resonates most with you. 

May I pray for you?

Wonderful Counselor, we praise You as the out-of-the-ordinary, beyond human explanation king who counsels us, Your children. We are grateful that You’re always ready and willing to listen to us, and You always know how to respond. Help us trust Your wisdom and follow Your counsel knowing You have our best interest in mind. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Know you are loved,


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