What Type of Future Awaits You?

What Type of Future Awaits You? - Grace Fox

We’re living in uncertain times. And as I watch my grandchildren grow up and wonder what the world will look like when they’re my age…if it lasts that long.

We’re living in uncertain times. One only has to listen to the news: Stories about Libya, Syria, and other warring nations dominate the airwaves. Gas prices soar. The economy plunges. And terrorists continue to terrorize.

I can scarcely believe how life has changed since my childhood, when walking to school or the corner store alone raised no concerns whatsoever about our personal safety. When locking our doors at night was considered a sign of paranoia. When gas cost thirty cents per gallon.

Shucks—we could buy a bag of potato chips and a bottle of soda pop for a quarter. If we returned the empty bottle, the store clerk would hand us a nickel–enough to buy five bubblegums.

I watch my grandchildren grow up and wonder what the world will look like when they’re my age…if it lasts that long. What freedoms will be theirs to embrace? What will the moral landscape look like? What financial challenges will they face?

One thing I’m sure of

No one knows, but of one thing I’m sure: God holds the future. No matter how bleak our tomorrows appear, we need not be anxious or afraid when we’re walking in right relationship with Him.

That’s true for believers in the context of global concerns, but it’s also true on a personal basis. Psalm 37:37 brings encouragement in that regard:

“Look at those who are honest and good, for a wonderful future awaits those who love peace.” (Psalm 37:37)

Note that this verse doesn’t guarantee a trouble-free future. Rather, it promises a wonderful future. Big difference. The former suggests a life free from problems of any sort. The latter suggests a life of depth and richness even in the midst of problems.

What does my future hold? I can speculate and I can hope, but I can guarantee no specifics other than it’s wonderful.

How about you?

What does your future look like?

Know you are loved,


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  1. I think there certainly must be a lot of people pondering just that. I know I have been. It saddens me to imagine looking at the world today and wondering what the future holds without a hope. To hold the view that, “This is all there is”. If ever there were a time for the Message of the Gospel, it is now. Lxx

    1. Hi Leeanne:
      I, too, can’t imagine a future without hope. And yet there are many people with whom we brush shoulders every day who merely exist for the here and now because “this is all there is.” May God grant us the courage to share the reason for our hope in a relevant way!


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