A Fresh Perspective on “The Hiding Place”

A Fresh Perspective on "The Hiding Place" - Grace Fox

When the enemy of discouragement tries to overtake me, I run to my hiding place–my faith in God–and find safety there. I cling to His promises to care for me.

Hubby and I visited Holland in April. While there, a tour guide led us through Corrie ten Boom’s home.

The author of The Hiding Place, Corrie was a true heroine for risking her life to save Jews and other fugitives from the Gestapo during WWII. Take a moment to read this fascinating account.

The tour led us into Corrie’s tiny bedroom. The back wall had been partially removed to reveal the actual hiding place where six or seven individuals at a time found refuge and safety from their enemies.

While standing in that confined space, I could not fathom a half dozen men and women surviving the trauma of living there for days. No doubt it was uncomfortable and perhaps even claustrophobic, but it saved their lives.

Visiting Corrie’s renowned hiding place gives me a new perspective on Psalm 32:7.

The verse says, “You are my hiding place; you protect me from trouble. You surround me with songs of victory.”

In his troubles, the Psalmist experienced God as his hiding place, his refuge, his place of safety from the enemy. He discovered protection from those things that caused him distress. And in that place, he learned what it meant to be surrounded not by fear, but by songs of victory.

In all honesty, I’d much rather avoid troubles in life. And yet, they come. And when they do, they always bring opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.

When the enemy of discouragement tries to overtake me, I run to my hiding place—my faith in God—and find safety there. I cling to His promises to care for me, and I find solace. I hang onto His words of comfort and reassurance, and I find hope.

Is it a comfortable place? A place of ease and relaxation? Absolutely not. But it’s the best place. The enemy cannot find me when I seek refuge there, and that’s where I learn what it means to be surrounded by songs of triumph.

How about you?

How does the comparison between Corrie’s hiding place and Psalm 32:7 shed new light on this verse’s meaning for you?

Know you are loved,


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