Almighty God is Our Loving Daddy

Almighty God is Our Loving Daddy - Grace Fox

Suddenly one word popped into my mind: Daddy. I sensed that God had spoken, but what was He trying to tell me?

A most amazing thing happened to me yesterday. It began in the morning as I prepared for the last session of a women’s retreat where I was the speaker.  Suddenly one word popped into my mind: Daddy.

I sensed that God had spoken, but what was He trying to tell me? He couldn’t be referring to my earthly father—he died three years ago. Besides, I’d always called him Dad, never Daddy.

“What are You telling me?” I asked. The answer came back, “You’re my daughter, and I delight in you.”

Those words enveloped me in love

They brought an image to mind—that of me, an adult woman, nestled in Almighty God’s strong and protective arms. Accepted simply because I belong to Him, not because of accomplishments or performance. “Daddy, Daddy,” I whispered, reveling in the sacredness of that moment.

Less than five minutes later, I entered the main meeting room. It was empty, save for one woman who approached me, Bible in hand. She greeted me with a smile and hug. Then she said, “I just had a wonderful time with my Daddy.”

My jaw dropped. “What did you say?” I asked, wanting to be sure I’d heard correctly.

“I just had a wonderful time with my Daddy—my heavenly Father.” She didn’t need to explain. I knew exactly to whom she referred, and my heart nearly skipped a beat.

Once again, God’s love enveloped me

The day passed. The retreat ended, and I boarded a plane for home. I spent the first leg of my journey answering emails and watching the news on TV. Then I had to change planes. Guess what happened? The televisions didn’t work, and my computer battery ran out of power. I decided to pass time reading a book I’d recently purchased.

I flipped through the books randomly and stopped on page 229 for no particular reason. Once again my jaw dropped. The title on that page read, “A Daddy Who Loves Me.”

Three times in one day, God communicated His love to me in a way as never before

I’m awestruck, feeling wooed by this One who proved His love for me on the cross. And I’m filled with anticipation at how our relationship will grow as a result of what He did this weekend.

God loves you in the same way

Scripture says,

“How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!” (1 John 3:1).

No matter what your emotions tell you, know that He loves you unconditionally. He delights in you, and He wants an intimate relationship with you. May you discover the depth, length, width, and height of His love in new ways today!

Know you are loved,


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  1. Grace,
    Just love this. Isn’t it amazing how in different ways He opens the door wide for us to see Him? Christ is risen. Truly He has risen.

    1. Amen to that, Jan. We know He’s risen because He proves it over and over in a multitude of ways.

  2. Grace,
    Your words really touched my heart today. This was such a beautiful article. I was especially touched because like yours, my earthly father has passed on into Heaven, so more than ever I feel like God is my Daddy.
    Love and appreciate you, Grace,

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