Encouragement for When You Feel Weak

Encouragement for When You Feel Weak - Grace Fox

Feeling weak? I am. Here’s a personal story that will encourage you today.

The moment was unexpected and unforgettable. It happened two days ago, as I prepared for this weekend’s women’s conference in Edson, Alberta.

I’d worked all day—preparing PowerPoint slides, reviewing my notes, and then rearranging two sessions. I also packed a suitcase of things needed for my book table, ensured the door prize was ready to go, and made a final phone call to the event coordinator.

My recent injuries and surgery made everything I did require more time and energy than usual. Even reaching my office chair took a lot of effort. I had to scoot on my bottom to the room, hoist myself backwards onto a little end table with sawed-off legs, and then hoist backwards onto my office chair.

To ensure my chair didn’t slide away from me as I climbed aboard, it had to be parked on carpet rather than a plastic mat. But being parked on carpet required me to exert a lot of energy to get it to move onto the nearby plastic mat and finally into place at my desk.

My body throbbed. Knowing how it longs for rest mid-afternoon, and knowing that this weekend requires me to speak five times, I had a little chat with God.

Feeling extraordinarily weak

“God, You know I promised to speak at this conference months ago. When I made this commitment, You knew these injuries would occur beforehand. And so, I’m heading to Edson tomorrow, trusting You to equip me to do this task. I have no clue how I’m going to hold up physically, but I’m trusting You to make it happen.”

The Note!

And then I saw the note

Words scribbled in my handwriting. Words scribbled weeks ago, at a moment I don’t recall. They must have gripped me then. They certainly gripped me now. I read them, my jaw dropped, and my eyes blurred with tears.

“Go in the strength you have. I will be with you.”

God spoke these words to Gideon when He told him to fight the Midianites.

Gideon doubted: “But Lord, how can I rescue Israel? My clan is the weakest in the whole tribe of Manasseh, and I am the least in my entire family!”

But God reassured him that His presence was sufficient for victory. I knew the promise was meant for me, too.

And so, my husband and I spent nearly 12 hours in the car yesterday—a major feat considering the needs of someone now bound to a wheelchair. We arrived in snowy Edson last evening. The conference begins later today. I can hardly wait to see what God has in store. He’s with me and will accomplish His purposes in the lives of those women who will attend.

The words, “In my weakness You are strong” are ever-present in my thoughts. And now they’re accompanied by, “Go in the strength you have. I will be with you.”

This promise is for you too.

How are you doing today?

Are you feeling weak, too? Maybe you’re feeling wiped out emotionally after another fall-out with your kids, your spouse, or a prickly relative. Maybe the stress of your job has stripped you of strength. Or the fear of an unknown future is buckling your knees.

Tell God how you feel. Acknowledge your weakness and ask Him for strength. Then remember these words: “Go in the strength you have, and I will be with you.” You’re not alone. He’s with you and will give you everything needed to face today’s challenges.

These simple but powerful words have given me HUGE encouragement, and I pray they’ll do the same for you.

Know you are loved,


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There you’ll find exclusive content alongside hope, courage, and transformation through God’s word. All with a dash of adventure!

Visit me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube

There you’ll find exclusive content alongside hope, courage, and transformation through God’s word. All with a dash of adventure!

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  1. This is so timely Grace and I will write down and remember this phrase as one day at a time,. one moment at a time ( at times) I fight depression. Thanks so much for the encouraging post and for posting it. Blessings on you and your recovery. <3


    1. Hi Alexis. I’m so glad you found this post helpful. The two phrases: “Go in the strength you have” and “I am with you” have been very encouraging to me in the past week. Short and easy to remember…and life-changing. May they prove the same for you. Blessings on you today.

  2. Oh Grace, you have gone and done it again! I am sitting here with tears in my eyes after reading this and knowing I NEEDED to read this TODAY after such a long and difficult week. Thank you for sharing and Praise the Lord for His good words to us today and everyday!
    I look forward to hearing about how the conference went!

    1. Hi Nicole:
      Oh dear. Maybe I should send a packet of Kleenex for you with Gene when he heads to the conference 🙂 I’m glad these words ministered to your heart.

      The conference went very well. Two women placed their faith in Christ. Many others said they learned a lot to grow their spiritual lives. And I experienced God’s strength despite sleepless nights and pain. He proved Himself so faithful as I realized my absolute inability to do ministry on my own. (Why would I think I should ever do it like that, anyway??)

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