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Pray Like This When Someone Hurts You

What’s your natural response when someone hurts you? Mine is to stew about what’s happened or been said, and then I have internal conversations that sound something like, “I can’t believe she said those things about me,” or “How could she do such a thing? What’s wrong with her thinking?” Our natural response is to… [ read more ]

Praying in Jesus’ Name

Praying in Jesus’ name is something I’ve done from childhood. Why? Because I heard my parents, my Sunday school teachers, youth leaders, and pastor end their prayers with, “In Jesus name, amen,” so I followed suit. I’ve been guilty of rattling off these words without much thought to their significance. It has done me good… [ read more ]

A Scripture Prayer for Our Loved Ones

I have three adult married kids. None live locally, so we stay in touch through phone calls, emails, Facebook, and What’s App. I like to know what’s happening in their lives so I can pray specifically, but they get busy with their families and their work and don’t always think (or want) to tell me… [ read more ]

What is Your Need Today?

I’m currently working on a new writing project, the first of a three-book series about about the names of God. In full disclosure, I look at the scope of this project and fearful thoughts enter my mind. The biggest fear, at this time, involves meeting the August 31 deadline.   Meeting that deadline would be… [ read more ]

Hearing God’s Voice

Hearing God’s voice sounds a tad mysterious, but it’s not, really. As God’s children, we can expect our heavenly Father to speak to us, and we can expect to hear Him.  That’s part of the beauty of having a relationship with Him. When my daughter, Kim, was a high school senior, a lot of people… [ read more ]

When God Asks Us to Do Something from Nothing

Sometimes God asks us to do something from nothing, or so it seems. I was a Bible college sophomore when I sensed Him leading me to spend the summer doing mission work in Belgium. As that impression grew stronger, so did my main concern: I was a typical student with big dreams but empty pockets…. [ read more ]

Surrounded by God’s Presence

  You, my friend, are surrounded by God’s presence. Some days, your thoughts might tell you otherwise, but don’t believe them. Instead, hold onto the promise found in —”Just as the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the LORD surrounds his people, both now and forever.” The Cambridge English dictionary defines surround as “to be everywhere around… [ read more ]

Sitting in God’s Waiting Room

Sitting in God’s waiting room is not an easy thing to do. Patience wears thin after a time, and our human bent starts tapping its toe. C’mon, c’mon already! Bring my prodigal home. Restore my marriage. Provide finances to pay the bills. Heal my body. Give me clear direction for the big decision looming. Fix… [ read more ]

Be on Guard When Life Takes a Detour

What does it mean to be on guard when life takes a detour? Eight months after receiving “guard” as my focus word for 2022, I’m beginning to appreciate its relevance to my life in ways I hadn’t imagined. “Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong,” says (NLT). In times past,… [ read more ]

Trusting God with our Concerns

  In a recent conversation about trusting God with our concerns, a friend reflected on bygone days when her kids were young. She recalled sleepless nights, laundry piles that multiplied by the minute, and temper tantrums (not hers!) over simple things like broccoli touching macaroni and cheese on one’s lunch plate. “Those times were challenging,”… [ read more ]