Finding Peace When Life Lands You in the ER

Insights from the ER - Grace Fox

It’s Monday morning, and things aren’t going the way I’d planned. I’m writing this in the emergency room, sitting with my husband who was admitted 14 hours ago.

It’s Monday morning, and things aren’t going the way I’d planned. I’m writing this in the hospital emergency room, sitting with my husband who was admitted fourteen hours ago.

Gene had a prostate biopsy on Thursday, and a post-procedure blood infection hit him on Friday. We took him to a doctor when the flu-like symptoms struck, and a second antibiotic atop the first was prescribed. He seemed to respond over the weekend, but then his fever returned last night so he went to the ER.

Immediate medical help

The ER doc wasted no time when he heard Gene’s story.

He said, “We must assume you have a blood infection. You’ll be admitted and be put on IV antibiotics immediately.”

A nurse drew more blood from Gene’s arms than I’ve ever seen drawn from a patient, and an orderly wheeled him down the hall for a chest x-ray. Then he settled into a recliner (that doesn’t recline) and that’s where he spent the night.

Now it’s 12 PM, and hubby’s still in the ER recliner. We’re waiting for a hospital bed to become available and for a doctor to see Gene and tell us what’s next.

A year like no other

This year continues to be like no other for us. Health challenges have caused us to realize our human fragility. We’ve been reminded of our complete dependency upon the Lord for everything. We’ve been learning to give thanks in all things, to count every difficulty as an opportunity for joy, and to learn to rest in God’s sovereignty.

Gene and I had planned to spend this week preparing for an 18-day road trip on International Messengers behalf, beginning next Saturday. Our flight is booked and we have speaking engagements arranged. We now have no idea whether or not we’ll be able to fulfill those plans, but God knows.

In Him we trust.

Peace prevails

A girlfriend stopped by an hour ago. We talked and prayed together about this latest turn of events. She left me with these words:

“I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart because I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).

They’re good words because they’re God’s words. We face hardship and uncertainties but we’ll rise above because God has overcome. We know peace because He is peace.

May you know His peace today, too.

Know you are loved,


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  1. Standing in the gap for you Grace and believing for your husband’s complete and total healing, which includes a negative result for the prostate biopsy. I know He is present with you and I pray the comfort of His peace would overshadow you and help you to walk in perfect peace as you trust in Him. He is good.

  2. Dear Grace,
    I’m praying for you and Gene, especially for God’s peace, comfort spiritually and physically and that God will supply each need according to His mercy and grace along with Gene’s complete healing.

  3. May God continue to wrap you and Gene in is loving arms and draw you closer to Him!! Our prayers for healing and protection will surround you!! Know that you are loved not only by Him who gives us strength but by all of your friends as well!! Hugs to both of you!!!

  4. Praying for you and your wonderful husband, Grace. God is good, you’re right, and he tends to send the hard stuff to his strongest:) i hope to see you both healthy and joyful soon.

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