For What Are You Grateful Today?

For What Are You Grateful Today? - Grace Fox

Do you ever experience days when your heart feels full to overflowing with gratitude to God? I hope so! Today is one of those days for me.

Do you ever experience days when your heart feels full to overflowing with gratitude to God? I hope so!

Today is one of those days for me. Here’s a list of the things for which I’m grateful:

  • For the privilege of attending our annual mission staff conference in Budapest last week. This allowed me to spend time with North American and national coworkers—hearing their stories of how God is changing lives through their ministries, worshiping God together in song, washing one another’s feet, praying for their concerns, and more.
  • For safety in travel, and for our suitcases arriving with us.
  • For sunshine in Budapest and liquid sunshine back home.
  • For losing one pound despite international travel and eating foods outside my routine. In times past, I’ve always gained weight on these trips.
  • For jetlag being a non-issue upon my return (the first time ever!).
  • For the privilege of speaking at my church’s women’s conference this weekend. Traveling so much makes it difficult to feel connected, so I’m thrilled at their invitation to pour into their lives and can hardly wait to see what God will do tonight and tomorrow.
  • For the opportunity to connect via Facetime with my eldest daughter over lunch today.
  • For a surprise phone call from my youngest daughter this morning.
  • For food supply that never runs short. I’ll cook chicken and vegetable stir-fry with rice today. Imagine having so many vegetables in the fridge that I have to think about which ones to use.
  • For a washing machine and dryer. When we travel in Eastern Europe, I wash clothes in the bathroom sink and dry them on a line that my hubby strings across our room—not nearly as convenient as our appliances at home.
  • For the joy that comes from spending time with Jesus and inviting Him into my day.
  • For peace that comes from knowing God rules over this crazy world. Nothing is beyond His reach—not even the Syrian crisis that escalated yesterday.
  • For a reader who emailed today asking if everything was okay with Grace Fox after not receiving a blog in her inbox since March 27. (I explained that being at the missions conference required all my attention, hence, no blogs until today).
  • For you—my readers. I humbly give thanks for your taking the time to read my blogs and books. On the days I wonder whether I have anything worthwhile to say, one of you emails me and shares that God has spoken through something I’ve written. What a privilege to be part of what the Holy Spirit is doing in your lives.
How about you?

Now it’s your turn, my friend. For what are you grateful today?

As I wrote this post, the lyrics from this well-known worship song ran through my mind: “What a beautiful name it is, what a beautiful name it is, the name of Jesus Christ my King…”

Know you are loved,


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  1. Thankful that our Lord is in my life. For my husband Ed who is such a loving support. For our son and daughter. For the opportunity to sew. For where we live. For my involvement in Lutheran Women’s Missionary League. For being involved in the Stephen Ministry. For the close friends I have who care, support, help, pray and encourage. For our country who is celebrating our 150 years. For the beautiful birds who come to our farm.

    1. Thanks for sharing your list with us, Fay. Reading others’ lists never fails to trigger more thoughts for my own. i.e.: Yesterday I saw two wild canaries in the trees in our yard. Beautiful to see and to hear.

      PS: Thank you for the lovely Easter card 🙂

  2. My list is long, long, long. May I just say I am thankful for my Lord Jesus Christ and the life I have in him. And I am thankful for your friendship and encouragement you give. Praying for the conference this weekend.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Nancy. I love hearing from you! 🙂

      Thanks, too, for praying for the conference. It went very well. What a joy to share both personal experiences about what God is doing in my life (bragging on HIM!) and the wonderful truths from His Word.

  3. Today I am thankful that I was able to attend a women of destiny conference featuring speaker/ author Lysa TerKeurst. She spoke on disappointment and here are my notes :

    We must feel the pain
    In order to heal the pain

    Yet not what I will but what you will!

    God has a plan and it is a good plan. There is a purpose to the pain. The pain keeps us from dying.

    The decision I have to make is my will or your will God.

    Must must must look to God

    Olive tree must have harsh winds of the East and refreshing winds of the West.

    Once fruit comes from olive tree and you try to eat it , it is hard and bitter. Our hearts have to be cracked open so the living Word and the spirit can come in.

    The most valuable thing an olive tree gives is oil, but it has to be crushed first.

    When we are crushed by deep disappointments that is where our testimony comes from. Oil can be turned into light.

    Disappointments are where our testimonies begin. Dig into it and share it.

    Plant disappointment like a tree and God will redeem it. My disappointment is actually a gift to help me shed light in this world.

    God is going to do something with great purpose on the other side of my disappointment . Hang on and let him finish the story the best way that only he knows how to do!

    Thankful that we serve a God who speaks to us!

    Thankful for friends who love (Grace you are one of those)

    Thankful to know the God of ALL comfort

    Thankful for the beautiful sun shining on the bayou behind our home today.

    Thankful for gifts and talents to help and encourage others.

    God bless you Grace for all you do! Thankful God placed you in my life! I love your words of encouragement . They bless me BIG!

    1. Such a beautiful list, Debbie. Thanks for sharing your notes from the conference, too. I love the jewels about the olives being pressed to produce oil which in turn produces light. May we not run from the press!

  4. I’m just so thankful that I have the courage the say “thank you Jesus” in front of my sons. Even if it is only an awesome parking spot! LOL And they don’t roll their eyes… they love their Momma. And if they swear in front of me… they immediately apologize! Thank you Jesus for putting Joy in my heart! ♥

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