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A Prayer for Peace at Christmas

  A Prayer for Peace at Christmas   It was still dark this morning as I drove to the gym. Blue, white, red, and green Christmas lights twinkled from the eaves and railings of homes and businesses along the way. A contemporary carol played on the radio. When it ended, the hourly news broadcast began…. [ read more ]

A Baby Changes Everything—Including Me and You

  A group of women who’d spent the fall studying Moving From Fear to Freedom: A Woman-to-Woman Conversation invited me to join them for a Christmas brunch on Wednesday morning. The brunch was to start at 9 AM.   My Wednesday morning online Bible study runs from 8 AM-9 AM. To accommodate both meetings meant… [ read more ]

Jesus: Our Only Source of Hope

  I’m writing this from a Polish university dorm room. For the first time since leaving home three weeks ago, I’m sitting in solitude and sipping coffee with no place to go—at least for another hour. Unrushed time with the Lord has not only refreshed my spirit, but it’s also given me time to reflect… [ read more ]

3 Truths About the Good Shepherd

While in the Romanian village of Cornesti, I’m staying at a ministry that serves abused and abandoned women and children, orphans, and senior widows. Beyond the security fence surrounding the property lie rolling green pastures. Grazing on those pastures are dozens of sheep. From a distance, the scene appears pastoral. The sheep bleat occasionally, and… [ read more ]

Making Time to be Still in This Busy Season

In this crazy busy season we sing about silent nights when all is calm. The irony is that we feel anything but calm, and finding time to be still seems nigh to impossible. But it’s one of the most important things we can do for ourselves and ultimately for others. Last year someone gave me… [ read more ]

This Song Will Forever Change Your Life

  Yesterday I heard a song that literally stopped me in my tracks. I’ve listened to it many times since, and its lyrics grip my heart each time I hear them. If we, as believers in Christ, could truly live by them, we’ d forever bid fear and worry goodbye. We’ d reflect absolute peace,… [ read more ]

How Can We Enter God’s Rest?

  So we see that because of their unbelief they were not able to enter his rest. (Hebrews 3:19)   Last year, in the midst of dealing with a ruptured Achilles tendon and a knee injury, I also struggled with insomnia. That experience lasted for several months, and it was not fun.   After I… [ read more ]

The Difference Between Being Drawn and Being Driven

“Live as a drawn person, not a driven person.” These words, spoken by a guest pastor in our church yesterday, sum up my heart’s desire. To me, being a driven person means constantly feeling as though 24 hours in a day aren’t enough. It means seeking to fulfill others’ expectations no matter the cost to… [ read more ]

Thank You for Your Prayers–They Worked!

Our 2014 summer ministry in Eastern Europe has ended. During our time there, we traveled hundreds of miles by van and train through Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland. We hosted two camps—one for some very special kids in Romania and one for families in Poland—by partnering with career missionaries and two teams… [ read more ]

The Cure for Anxiety

I’ve got a ton of stuff on my mind today. I’m thinking about my half-finished book proposal that I’d hoped to complete by last weekend, an article that’s due today, and two training sessions this week for our summer ministry volunteers. I’m planning for my upcoming trip to Atlanta, GA and then leaving for Eastern… [ read more ]