God’s Power Deserves to be Talked About

God's Power Deserves to be Talked About - Grace Fox

Stories of God’s power encourage our faith. Here’s how I saw His power at work recently when He provided me with clothes I couldn’t normally afford.

All of your works will thank you, LORD, and your faithful followers will praise you. They will speak of the glory of your kingdom; they will give examples of your power. (Psalm 145:10-11 NLT)

Bible stories speak of God’s power

The Bible tells stories of God’s power. He parted the Red Sea and drowned the Egyptians, won battles by throwing armies into confusion, felled city walls with trumpet blasts, enabled shepherd boys to kill giants with the toss of a single stone, multiplied five loaves and two fish to feed the masses, and raised people from the dead.

Jesus performed amazing miracles. Headline news. Big stuff we don’t see nowadays. And yet, God’s power is still noteworthy. And we, as His kids, ought to be talking about it.

Speaking of God’s power today

Today I want to give you an example of God’s power. It’s not an earth-rattling tale, but it speaks to me about His concern for the details of our lives.

As a public speaker and frequent media guest, I’m expected to dress attractively. Problem is, I’m also a missionary wife who’s lived on faith support for twenty years. Buying affordable, attractive, comfortable clothes sometimes proves challenging.

Last week God surprised me big-time. A woman in my city was cleaning out her closet. A mutual friend emailed to ask me if I’d like to see what was available. “Maybe you’ll find something that fits,” she wrote.

I dropped by the house not knowing what to expect. Turns out, my expectations were too low. Nearly everything in the woman’s closet was my size, and the price tags were still attached to many items! She also had good taste and and an expensive eye.

A gorgeous dressy jacket was marked at $185, but I paid only $25. Jeans were priced at $80, but I paid $3.00. A casual long dress was marked at $135; I paid $5.00. I paid the same amount for a dressy linen skirt.

I gathered my finds and headed home. Tears filled my eyes as I thanked God for His provision for my practical needs. What an example of His power at work!

How about you?

What example of God’s power can you share? Let’s encourage one another with faith stories that inspire us to praise and thanksgiving.

Know you are loved,


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