Lest We Forget the Greatness of God

Lest We Forget the Greatness of God - Grace Fox

I’m guilty, too. I read about God’s strength and love and faithfulness in His Word, but worry still creeps into my thoughts.

What’s our attitude toward the true and living God? Do we truly understand His strength? Do we stand in awe of His unconditional love for us? Does the thought of who He is nearly take our breath away? Or does our attitude toward Him fall into the “ho-hum” category, or worse yet, do we simply forget about who He is?

Psalm 106:7 says,

“Our ancestors in Egypt were not impressed by the Lord’s miracles. They soon forgot his many acts of kindness to them. Instead, they rebelled against him at the Red Sea.”

The Israelites had short memories

How could the Israelites witness the plagues in Egypt, the parting of the Red Sea, the provision of food and water in the wilderness…and then turn their backs on the One who performed these miracles on their behalf? You’d think that, after seeing God’s power and protection so vividly demonstrated, they’d never forget Him or fall into idol worship. And yet, sadly, that’s exactly what they did.

I have a short memory too

I’m guilty, too. I read about God’s strength and love and faithfulness in His Word, but worry still creeps into my thoughts. I see evidence of His limitless power and intelligence in creation, but fear still sneaks in. I see Him answer my prayers, but doubts still linger. What’s with that?

I ought to be more than impressed by this God! I ought to be blown away by His acts of kindness and His miracles. And my behavior ought to reflect that attitude by a willingness to say yes to whatever He asks, an ability to trust Him when I don’t understand His ways, and peace and joy that passes comprehension even when life stinks.

May I Pray For You?

“God, guard our minds from forgetting Your kindnesses to us. Guard us from falling into a ho-hum attitude about who You are. Continually remind us about who You are lest we forget and go our own way. In Jesus’ ‘name, amen.”

Know you are loved,


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  1. I remember as a teenager when a local fellow who was in a wheel chair did some great charity work. He had a big finale at the huge sports dome in town and thousands of people showed up and it was televised and everything. The people cheered, clapped, screamed for this man and I clearly remember thinking then .. he did something great, sure but he is just a man .. do we EVER get that excited and expressive about all that God has done for us?

    Your post made me think about that again .. how much MORE should we be impressed, thankful, excited, & devoted to God and ALL that He has done for us, created around us .. I would say MUCH MUCH more than we should be for the latest sports team, athlete, charity celebrity, rock star, motivational speaker.

    Thanks for the reminder and the prayer! Amen

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