On the Daily Lookout for Splashes of Beauty

On the Lookout for Splashes of Beauty - Grace Fox

I’m really enjoying this practice. It’s opening my eyes to see how truly blessed I am, and it’s helping me walk in obedience to God’s command.

While in Nepal recently, a friend and I spent several hours talking about life—our concerns, our joys, our lows and our highs.

In the end, we reached a mutual decision to not focus on the hard stuff in our personal lives or in future conversations with each other. Instead, we committed to developing an attitude of thanksgiving and to holding each other to the highest in that regard.

Splashes of beauty

We have a Skype call every second week, and during that call we share our “splashes of beauty.” That is, we recall simple things that brought a smile to our faces since we last spoke. These are more often than not just little happenings we’d otherwise overlook.

I’m really enjoying this practice. It’s opening my eyes to see how truly blessed I am, and it’s helping me walk in obedience to God’s command:

“No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus” (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

Will you join me?

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving. It seems appropriate to kick off a “Splashes of Beauty” campaign on my Facebook page. Every day until December 31, I’ll name one splash of beauty. Like my page and join me for this endeavor, if you wish. Share your splashes of beauty with the rest of us, and let’s hold each other to the highest.

Happy Thanksgiving, my fellow Canucks!

Know you are loved,


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  1. Hello. I am thankful for past experiences, good and bad, (although the bad ones when happening can be horrible), but today I see the good which has come since I have “come through” to the other side of experiences which could have torn me down altogether. Today, I am so very thankful for all your help too, and that I now can love and pray for those who caused pain in my life in the past. I can see clearly now.

    I’m thankful for the beauty that God has given us in the sky, the trees and grass and flowers and shrubs. We have birds galore, rabbits and little squirrels in our backyard, all, of course, looking for something to eat.

    I’m thankful for my family, a warm home and a good vehicle. God is good.

    1. Hi Marge. It’s great to hear you say you’re thankful for past experiences, even the hard ones. God is so gracious to never waste anything. We CAN trust Him to use them for good.

  2. …………and I’m very, very thankful for this Blog……….beautiful pictures, and blessed Scriptures, along with your heartfelt words to us.
    Thank you.

  3. And God promised He will never leave us nor forsake us. And He hasn’t and He won’t. He is faithful. God is the beginning and the ending. He is the Alpha and the Omega. It is you and I who needs to always choose NOT TO Quit!!!!!! Grace, I’m so happy you and your mentor sidekick for accountability have decided to look at the Beauty of God and this world
    and that the two of you can remind one another that we serve an awesome God and that won’t change. I’m so happy to have connected up with you awhile ago when I found a little book you wrote in our book store. It was about doing things that gave us enjoyment (like a date with your husband) and it was about doing uplifting things for yourself (like taking a hike in the fresh air, or having tea with a friend) (or just sitting in quiet, meditating on God’s goodness (and smiling). And it’s all about keeping yourself going strong, because, as I’ve found, someone who gives out so much to others often finds themselves alone with no one to help them (unless you hire someone or something). It’s rare, I think, to find someone who is ready, willing and able to help someone who really needs it.
    High Praises to God today for all He is, and for what He’s already done!
    Many and heartfelt thanks to you, Grace, for your caring heart of God.

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