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A Lesson in Generosity

When Scripture repeats the same word multiple times in quick succession, we need to pay attention. God’s trying to tell us something important, and repetition is the key. He caught my attention recently using the word generous. Read 2 Corinthians 9:6-13 and count how many times it, or a form of it, is used: “Remember… [ read more ]

Perspective on Pain

suff One of my Power for Living interviews was with a gal named Jan Turner. Amazing woman.  Years ago she contracted pneumococcal pneumonia. Her body struggled to survive by shutting down blood flow to her extremities. Gangrene set in, and she had to undergo a quadruple amputation. A single mom with two adopted sons, Jan… [ read more ]

Kissing Self-Reliance Goodbye

Life’s richest lessons are often learned in the hard places. As a correspondent for Power for Living, I’ve interviewed dozens of people whose testimonies prove this is true. For instance…Tammy Trent, a Woman of Faith speaker whose husband drowned, told me how God had proved His presence and sufficiency to her in the hours and… [ read more ]