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Insights from the ER

It’s Monday. We’re in the ER. This isn’t how I’d planned to spend my time.

When Our Day's Plans Change

Snow blankets the world beyond my office window this morning. Traffic on the main road nearby is nearly nil—it seems people are choosing to stay home today rather than risk driving in icy conditions. I made that choice early this morning, too. I was supposed to attend a Think Referral Network meeting in a neighboring… [ read more ]

Believe it or Not, God's Still in Control

Later today I’ll meet Dan and Laura Sawatzky, a couple whose story I just completed for Power for Living. Dan went on a 2-week mission trip to Brazil in 2008 to build a church alongside several career missionaries. While there, he was involved in a near-fatal motorcycle crash. He was air-ambulanced back to B.C. where… [ read more ]